VIKING safety outsourcing solution tailored to fuel offshore optimism

The presence of VIKING Life-Saving Equipment at OTC 2018 is a chance for offshore asset owners and operators to achieve new cost-efficiencies and reduce production risks by further simplifying safety compliance management.

Brightening future

Esbjerg, Denmark, 25 April 2018 -The recently released report “Confidence and Control” by DNV GL foresees a brightening future for the offshore industry, fueled not by oil and gas pricing, but by leaner, more agile and more efficient business models ready-tuned to evolve into broader energy companies. Quoting several leading industry experts, the report explains how “the successful cost cutting and newly-built efficiencies we have seen over recent years appear to be driving new optimism and that success may very well depend upon making the right investments, harnessing technology and innovation”.

According to Benny Carlsen, Senior Vice President, Global Sales with VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, a growing number of offshore owners and operators are making innovative investments already proven to pay off on the safety, servicing and compliance side.

Sharpening the sword

While boasting a comprehensive range of offshore safety products and solutions, it is the company’s VIKING Offshore Safety Agreements that offer offshore players the ability to decisively sharpen their safety-related efficiency, while lowering the risks associated with continued operation too. These all-encompassing and flexible agreements offer cost-efficient sourcing, management and even financing for safety equipment and servicing, all neatly packaged to make safety compliance seem like a walk in the park. The first such agreements saw the light of day in 2009 and have since expanded with innovation after innovation to keep pace with the changing needs of an industry still under significant pressure.

Streamline and consolidate

“While the concept swiftly gains a global foothold, top North Sea operators have been particularly quick to take advantage of our one-stop safety supply and service contracts, with predictability of costs and unprecedented flexibility as key decision drivers. Typically, we’re seeing owners streamline and consolidate their safety compliance processes across multiple assets,” says Benny Carlsen. “Doing so greatly reduces their administrative hassles and resource consumption, handling everything from budgeting and logistics to safety documentation and even crew training.”​​​​​​​

The power to simplify safety

For most, entering a VIKING Offshore Safety Agreement is a step-by-step progression, often starting with one or a few offshore platforms then moving to cover more assets and safety solutions over time. It’s a uniquely flexible, multi-benefit approach that has seen over 95 percent of clients renewing and expanding their agreements within a short space of time. And VIKING expects this momentum to continue with full force to support the new, brighter and leaner future of offshore oil and gas.

VIKING offshore safety experts will be on hand at OTC 2018 (booth 701), presenting the benefits of outsourcing safety compliance management, while also showcasing some of the innovative products and solutions deployed to address the safety challenges of the global offshore industry.

For further information please contact:

Benny Carlsen, SVP Global Sales, tel. +45 2542 8202 or
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