Sustainability at the heart of our business

Our purpose in this world is to protect and save lives. A natural extension of this mission is to make our contribution to protecting the planet from global warming and other human impacts on our environment.

Efforts in support of a sustainable environment are a natural extension of the values the company has stood for since our founding in 1960. We are responsible, engaged and globally oriented in everything we do, including when doing our part to reduce climate change.

Our ambition

We have set ambitious goals for sustainability. By 2030 at the latest, we will achieve a balance between the amount of carbon dioxide we emit and the amount by which we reduce global emissions. In fact, we expect to achieve carbon neutrality even sooner.


Our approach

ESG – Environment, Social and Governance – is gaining traction as a more transparent and measurable way of looking at sustainability and we have formed a comprehensive ESG strategy as core to the purpose of our company.

With a structured ESG approach - rooted in the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the United Nations - we want to implement these actions throughout our organization and value chain, including suppliers and partners.


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Our focus areas

Saving lives

In line with our mission, we provide safety at sea by ensuring quality, reliability and innovation in our products and services. We achieve these aims by listening to our stakeholders and collaborating with relevant authorities.


We intend to be a leading company in the industry when it comes to sustainability, and before 2030 our entire business will be carbon neutral. We are increasingly using methods that support environmental sustainability in our selection raw materials, energy consumption, waste management and logistics.

Social responsibility

We offer our employees an open, inclusive, safe and supportive workplace. We believe that this enables us to attract and retain the best employees. We have programs for students and people with special needs that help to ensure equal access to employment for all. We strive to support and improve the local communities in which we operate and to make a positive.

Corporate management

We are committed to achieving long-term success through responsible and ethical business practices in every link of the value chain. We often define and hold ourselves to standards that significantly exceed the mere minimums required by law.

Read more about our strategy, ambitions and governance in our sustainability reports.

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