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VIKING is a trusted safety partner for the cruise and ferry industry. We supply and service the full scope of safety equipment for all types of passenger vessels - from the world's largest cruise ships, to vehicle and passenger carrying ferries of all types and sizes.

Safety is the first priority for those travelling and working at sea – and in the cruise and ferry industry, safety is first. Operators often partner with VIKING right from the vessel design phase. We help you make sure to get all the right evacuation solutions and safety equipment on board from the outset, while keeping complexity, deck footprint, service and operational requirements to a minimum.

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Maritime safety at scale​​​​​​​

Ever since the loss of the Titanic and the rise of the SOLAS convention, the cruise and ferry industry has taken center stage when it comes to developing the global standards and pioneering the technologies that make up the very core of safety at sea.

With some modern ships carrying over 8000 people and others travelling to the most remote and risky waters in the world, the scale and scope of safety solutions required has never been greater and VIKING is in a unique position to supply the full package.

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With the right evacuation setup and a trusted safety partner on board, your vessel is set for a full lifecycle of safe and smooth operations.

Marine evacuation systems - Cruise and ferry

Marine evacuation systems

VIKING is the most experienced OEM with over 1500 marine evacuation systems in operation. We offer the widest range of evacuation systems capable of evacuating 908 persons in 30 minutes or less.

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Experience VIKING LifeCraft - a revolution in safety at sea

Recently type approved by Lloyds registry, the award-winning VIKING LifeCraft system is the world’s first flag approved advanced evacuation solution for cruise ships and large ferries.

Able to replace or supplement a traditional lifeboat based evacuation setup, the LifeCraft™ enables a wealth of operational efficiencies, saves a large amount of deck space and rings in a new, safer and smarter era in passenger ship evacuation.

Polar safety

Polar safety

Each year, thousands of vessels visit the areas covered by the Polar Code as these regions become more accessible. VIKING has decades of experience when it comes to Polar Safety and we know what it takes to specify efficient safety solutions for you.

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Smart operators subscribe to safety

All safety equipment types are serviced by our global industry-leading multi-brand service network and are available on a fixed price safety agreement or as safety management under the VIKING Shipowner Agreement concept.

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With 280+ safety equipment service stations covering all major cruise and ferry hubs and port locations worldwide, we have got you covered, no matter where you operate.

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