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Protecting tens of thousands of passengers and crew on ferries and cruise ships around the world, the liferaft is a true backbone technology of any passenger vessel evacuation setup.

Liferafts for life

VIKING has been manufacturing, supplying and servicing liferafts since the company was founded in 1960. Our wide range of throw-overboard and davit launchable liferafts are available with stowage heights of up to 60 meters, the option for extended service intervals and versions suitable for Polar conditions. VIKING also supplies all types of liferaft accessories such as liferaft cradles, hooks, davits, sliding racks and columns racks.

Whatever your fleets liferaft requirements, VIKING has the solution to match.

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Liferaft accessories

VIKING liferafts are designed in accordance with SOLAS Chapter lll and LSA Code requirements, and are MED, Canadian Coast Guard and AMSA approved.

Marine evacuation systems - Cruise and ferry

Marine evacuation systems

VIKING is the most experienced OEM with over 1500 marine evacuation systems in operation. We offer the widest range of evacuation systems capable of evacuating 908 persons in 30 minutes or less.

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Liferaft servicing you can trust

Our unique global servicing setup makes it possible for us to cover all your servicing needs from a single point of contact.

At our certified and audited servicing stations covering all key global ports and passenger shipping hubs, experienced technicians follows strict guidelines for high-quality service using first-class tools and spare parts. We are committed to ensure that both our direct booking and Shipowner Agreement customers experience efficient and convenient servicing with full documentation - when and where they need it.

Polar safety

Polar safety

Each year, thousands of vessels visit the areas covered by the Polar Code as these regions become more accessible. VIKING has decades of experience when it comes to Polar Safety and we know what it takes to specify efficient safety solutions for you.

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Liferafts with extended service intervals

VIKING offers liferafts with an extended servicing interval (S30) in all types and sizes. These liferafts are serviced using a combination of easy 3-step annual on board inspection and standard service every 30 months at a certified VIKING S30 liferaft servicing station.


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Certified servicing stations

Access our liferaft service network

With 280+ state-of-the art liferaft service stations covering all major ports and shipping lanes worldwide, cruise and ferry operators can trust VIKING to always provide the most efficient servicing solution available.

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Smart shipowners subscribe to safety

Did you know you could get your liferafts supplied and serviced on subscription?

Learn how this flexible approach uses proactive planning, fast exchange and cutting-edge digital tools to both reduce administration and risk, and to free up resources for your core business.

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Our expertise is your safety at sea

At VIKING, we are proud to call ourselves liferaft experts - and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Did you ever wonder how liferafts are made - or how are they tested to make sure they can perform when it matters the most, or even how they actually performed in an emergency at sea?

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