VIKING Shipowner Agreement

In the world of global maritime, safety is first. But to stay competitive in challenging markets, we know that successful operators must continuously maximise efficiencies and reduce cost, without compromising performance - even when it comes to safety.

With a Shipowner Agreement, you can trust VIKING to streamline and simplify all aspects of onboard safety and compliance. We replace complexity with flexibility and reduce administration and operational risk - freeing up resources to boost your core business.

Your safety is safe with us

Depending on several factors, such as sailing patterns, flag state, fleet size, composition and more, shipowners and ship managers safety needs and preferences can vary extensively.

For this reason, we offer several, flexible and customizable options to ensure that you always have safe and compliant life-saving equipment on board - and that it can be sourced and serviced on a way that suits your operations and preferences.

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Choose a safety agreement to suit your business

Safety on Call

Is our basic managed service concept with one-point-of-contact planning, high-quality service and documented compliance for all types of safety equipment. Service is performed by certified technicians at day-to-day rates across the world.

Safety Agreement

Under our popular Shipowner Agreement concept, this option lets you add the benefits of fixed servicing prices in most commercial ports across all global maritime hubs.

Also, you get enhanced service planning, proactive due-date notifications and service availability guaranteed.

Safety Management

At the summit of our Shipowner Agreement concept is an end-to-end safety solution that ads dynamic and digital service optimization on top of the premium safety products, proactive planning and expert fixed-price service execution already included.

With this option, the bulk of safety compliance related administration and risk is transferred to us, without renouncing flexibility, transparency and control.

Safety solutions in a shipowner agreement

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Trust service planning with the experts

Our global team of dedicated service planners are dedicated to ensure that shipowners are kept hassle-free when it comes to scheduling, administration and execution of safety equipment service.

With round-the-clock availability, just one point of contact and powered by the latest digital tools, our planners have full transparency of the servicing process - from proactive notification to invoicing - and they’ll quickly get to know your vessels, routes and preferences.

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SOA Digital

Always online. Always compliant.

Central to our smooth servicing process is our intuitive booking and real-time tracking system and online customer portal, streamlining all aspects of service to save you time and money.

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Service on agreement: Launch service at the touch of a button – and we will handle the rest.

Experience the strongest service network

We have all the safety solutions, servicing options and know-how you need. And it’s all delivered by the strongest OEM-grade service network in the industry.

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Access our global service network

With more than 280 stations covering all major ports and offshore hubs, our certified and highly trained technicians work towards globally uniform and audited quality standards, to ensure you the best and most efficient servicing experience.

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Smart shipowners subscribe to safety at scale

While most of the 2400+ operators with a Shipowner Agreement already enjoy our subscription based approach to liferaft supply and servicing, more and more are adding lifeboat service, marine fire equipment service, PPE service and exchange and LSA on Demand to their agreement.

This enables them to achieve safety equipment compliance efficiencies at scale - all through just a single global partner.

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LSA on Demand

LSA on Demand

A Shipowner Agreement topped up with our LSA on Demand concept saves on logistics and administration, by ensuring the instant, fixed-price availability of the most common types of maritime safety products in strategically located ports.

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Would you like to explore the advantages of a VIKING Shipowner Agreement for your operations?

Perhaps you already have an existing agreement covering some safety compliance requirements, and you're considering expanding it to enhance operational efficiencies.

Feel free to schedule a complimentary safety assessment with one of our safety experts.

Access the Shipowner Agreement engine room

A VIKING Shipowner is so much more than a signed document. Delivering on our promise to deliver safety compliance efficiency and service at scale takes a well-oiled machine manned by dedicated professionals - all across the value chain.

Read the articles to access the engine room of the industry’s most popular safety agreement concept.

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