Firefighting equipment service from the safety experts

VIKING offers a comprehensive range of fire services, solutions and safety products to ensure that your onboard firefighting equipment (FFE) and protection setup is always fully compliant and ready to save lives.

Regardless how many different fire safety systems, items, brands and vessels you need to manage, a fixed-price service agreement with VIKING can be tailored to your exact needs.

We take care of the administration part, from service due dates and consolidation, adherence to regulatory updates, service planning, after-service follow up and 24/7 support.

We’re at your service - worldwide

VIKING provides service in 150+ ports and offshore hubs through VIKING’s own fire service workshops and authorized service providers. Our own workshops are located in 47 major ports while teams of technicians available for same day travel, ensure that similar services are, in reality, available anywhere in the world.

Certified partner service stations
VIKING service stations

Uniform quality and compliance across the value chain

Our highly efficient global service network is served by VIKING’s own dedicated workshops and annually audited, certified and authorized service providers. We service all equipment types and brands - while our unique, state-of-the-art booking and servicing system provides unparalleled coordination accuracy.

We control the entire service value chain, ensuring that our customers can always expect unmatched efficiency, flexibility uniform service quality and full documentation.

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Visit one of our state-of-the art fire service facilities

Firefighting system service

VIKING supplies a comprehensive range of multi-brand services to support and maintain fixed firefighting and extinguishing systems to secure their full availability for operation.

Our services include

  • CO2 high and low pressure systems
  • Dry powder systems
  • Mobile and stationary fire extinguishers
  • Breathing air equipment
  • Gaseous fire suppression systems
  • Fire detection/smoke and heat detection
  • Water mist systems - all types
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of steel cylinders and composite materials
  • 10-year hose replacement
  • 5 yearly control valve inspection
marine fire service technicians

Highly trained and certified technicians

Our large team of 100+ VIKING Safety Academy trained, experienced and fully certified technicians have the competences to deliver the right service solution for any project.

Also, they work to maximize compliance and safety in the process, following the mantra “either we do it right … or we don’t do it…”

“All our marine service technicians follow the same mantra – either we do it right, or we don’t do it."

William Gielen, Marine Fire Service Director

Advanced digital planning system

VIKING’s in-house developed, digital planning system works by monitoring each ship’s supply, service and inspection of fire safety needs and coordinating them with our worldwide logistics and technical capabilities.

Instant customer advantages include advanced planning with automatic e-mail notification of service due dates and service port pre-selected for convenience, schedule-keeping and cost effectiveness.

digital planning
foam analisys

Firefighting foam service

VIKING is your global supply and service partner for foam concentrate analysis, replacement and replenishment.

We offer an unbiased analysis of foam samples that are in accordance with IMO guidelines, manufacturer's specifications and parameters.

Foam analysis

VIKING’s brand new state-of-the-art foam lab offers comprehensive and independent analysis for customers worldwide. The lab verifies that foam samples perform in accordance with IMO guidelines and is also equipped to test other parameters, including foam surface tension and spreading co-efficient.


Medical oxygen

VIKING offers a complete range of installation, inspection certification and exchange services for medical oxygen systems according to international requirements of MFAG, flag administrations and classification societies.

Learn more in our brochure below.

medical oxygen

ILAC and DANAK certified hydrostatic testing

At our cutting-edge marine fire safety center in Odense, VIKING specializes in periodic inspection and hydrostatic pressure testing of various pressure cylinders, e.g. diving bottles, CO2 bottles, air bottles and more.

VIKING holds an accreditation from DANAK as a type A Inspection body for periodic inspection and pressure testing of transportable pressure cylinders.

Add fire service to your Shipowner Agreement

A VIKING Shipowner Agreement or Offshore Safety Agreement make it easier than ever to manage and consolidate fixed-price servicing and exchange of your fire equipment, anywhere in the world.

VIKING continually invests in your fire safety compliance, adding new capabilities and competencies to provide efficient, fast and high-quality service around the globe.

Full service control coupled with highly trained, certified technicians and an advanced planning system are some of the advantages you get when choosing us as your fire safety partner.



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