Firefighting foam for commercial vessels

VIKING is your global supply and service partner for full range of high-performance firefighting foam concentrates for commercial vessels, tugboats and firefighting vessels.

Our firefighting foam range includes fluoroprotein, alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foams and SOLAS-approved foams for fixed fire suppression systems.

We also offer state-of-the-art foam analysis and full-scope firefighting foam system servicing worldwide.

Countdown to compliance

MSC. 106 has approved draft amendments to prohibit use of PFOS from both fixed and portable firefighting systems. The amendments are expected to be adopted at MSC 107 and will enter into force 1 January 2026.

New and existing ships not later than the date of the first survey after the date of entry into force which is expected to be 1 January 2026.


Your high-performance foam concentrate supplier

As a result of our partnership agreement with globally renowned manufacturer of firefighting foam for maritime use, Dr. Sthamer Hamburg, we are set to become your global supplier and service partner for high-performance firefighting foam concentrates.

We continuously strive to expand and enhance our selection of firefighting foam, which includes several types of IMO approved concentrates including fluorine free, fluoroprotein and alcohol-resistant aqueous film-forming foam for fixed firefighting systems.

Foam analysis

VIKING offers an unbiased analysis of foam samples that are in accordance with IMO guidelines, manufacturer's specifications and parameters.

Our brand new state-of-the-art foam lab offers comprehensive and independent analysis for customers worldwide. The lab verifies that foam samples perform in accordance with IMO guidelines and is also equipped to test other parameters, including foam surface tension and spreading co-efficient.

Visit our lab and facility in the video:

“We can supply top-quality foam concentrates and related services at all major ports around the globe.”

William Gielen – Director, VIKING Marine Fire Service Division

Full-scope firefighting foam system service

Beyond our supply of foam concentrates for maritime applications, VIKING marine fire service division offers full-scope services including:

  • Foam system inspection and service

  • Repair and certification

  • OEM foam system components

  • 5-year foam system including testing

  • Foam tank cleaning

  • Foam disposal

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With an entire division dedicated to marine fire safety and service, VIKING is ready to answer all your questions.

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