Marine fire safety for commercial shipping

VIKING is a preferred partner for marine fire safety solutions and equipment service for the commercial shipping industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of products, services and technical expertise across all maritime vessel types and applications, to ensure that your onboard firefighting and fire protection setup is always compliant and ready to save lives.

Full scope marine firefighting and safety packages

We bring the commercial shipping industry a complete selection of marine fire safety products including fire extinguishers, hoses, couplings, breathing and respiratory equipment and everything in between.

When it comes to fire protection, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality SOLAS/MED and USCG compliant fire suits and accessories under the VIKING YouSafe brand of personal protective equipment.

Firefighting equipment service

Firefighting equipment service

Our greatest asset is our highly experienced technicians, trained and certified to the highest standards. Supported by online information, easy access to OEM-grade spare parts and continuously updated manuals, they carry out service at uniformly high-quality standards.

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Quality and compliance across the service value chain

Our highly efficient global service network covers 150+ key port locations served by VIKING’s own dedicated workshops and annually audited, certified and authorized service providers. We service all equipment types and brands - while our unique, state-of-the-art booking and servicing system provides unparalleled coordination accuracy.

We control the entire service value chain, ensuring that our customers can always expect unmatched efficiency, flexibility uniform service quality and full documentation.

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Add marine fire service to your Shipowner Agreement

With a VIKING Shipowner Agreement, you can trust the experts to manage, streamline and simplify all aspects of onboard safety and compliance.

Explore the benefits and add marine fire safety to your Shipowner Agreement today.

Access our marine fire service network

With 44 marine fire safety service stations covering 150+ commercial port locations worldwide, we have got you covered, no matter where you arrive.

Certified partner service stations
VIKING service stations


The HydroPen system is a new ground-breaking container firefighting technology, which can fight container fires directly at heights and at deck level. It enhances the safety of your crew, your cargo, and helps you as a shipowner to avoid significant fire-related costs.

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"It’s our strong belief that the HydroPen, or a similar product, could be a crucial tool for fighting fires in burning containers and thus possibly saving the vessel, cargo and crew.”

The Swedish Club – International Maritime Insurance

Firefighting foam

Firefighting foam

VIKING is your global supply and service partner for full range of high-performance firefighting foam concentrates for commercial vessels, tugboats and firefighting vessels.

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Of reported vessel incidents are fire related

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Container fires stopped by HydroPen so far

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VIKING service stations with full IACS Z17 test capabilities



SOLAS fire suits supplied

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