HydroPen takes container firefighting to new heights

Finally, there’s a faster, safer and more efficient way to directly fight container fires on board vessels.


The HydroPen system makes it possible to directly extinguish container fires at heights, at deck and below deck on board cargo vessels.

No other solution can do that.


The system will perform a fully automatically water-based penetration of the container door and afterwards perform direct firefighting inside the container.

With a minimum of manual work the HydroPen drilling unit will either be hoisted to the burning container at heights or deployed on the critical container within reach of a crew member.


The HydroPen system will improve the safety for the crew, the cargo and the ship, and it will help the ship owner avoid significant fire related costs.

HydroPen already saved the day for shipping lines on multiple occasions, below is the information we can share, related to the incidents:

  • The containers were on deck within reach in the incidents.

  • After detection of smoke, boundary cooling was initiated, and HydroPen System

  • In the incidents the fire inside the container was extinguished.

  • One of the fires was in a container loaded with 150.000 pcs. lithium-ion batteries.

  • The HydroPen System had only been on board the vessels for a few months.

We received the following feedback from the crew involved:

  • The HydroPen is simple to use and very fast to mount.

  • The whole process of mounting and drilling can be done in less than 30 seconds.

  • The HydroPen is very safe to use as no people are needed near the container while drilling.

  • Any sparks generated during drilling are instantly extinguished by the water driving the HydroPen.

  • The only power source needed is the water from the fire line.

  • The HydroPen can be mounted in places where the vertical clearance is limited (i.e. up against lashing bridges) and the clearance or height wouldn’t allow using drilling machines, lances or hammers. It is worth noticing that the containers was located within reach from a lashing-bridge, and the crew had received training in usage of the HydroPen prior to the incident.

The HydroPen & the lift

To perform direct firefighting at height the HydroPen drilling unit must be used together with the telescopic lift.

The combination of the HydroPen and the lift enables the ground-breaking feature of reaching containers at fire at heights and to fully automatically extinguish the fire with direct firefighting.

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Hydropen Lock

The HydroPen & The HydroLock

The HydroLock is an add-on device which is clicked on top of the HydroPen drilling unit that enables container fire fighting on all reachable containers.

It replaces the current methods & significantly increases the fire safety.

It’s easy, safe and fast to deploy it on the critical container by mounting it on the locking bar. Hereafter, the automatic firefighting can be initiated at safe distance.

"Under the right circumstances and applied effectively, it’s our strong belief that the HydroPen, or a similar product, could be a crucial tool for fighting fires in burning containers and thus possibly saving the vessel, cargo and crew.”

The Swedish Club – International Maritime Insurance

The HydroPen & foam

Use the HydroPen system normally to drill through the container by using water pressure.

After the penetration is done, then:

  1. Disconnect the fire hose from the fire main.
  2. Empty the water from the hose.
  3. Connect the foam inline inductor.
  4. Activate the water flow

The burning container will be filled with foam at safe distance. The efficiency of fighting Class A & B fires will increase.

Hydropen Foam
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The HydroPen & CO2

Use the HydroPen system normally to drill through the container by using water pressure.

After the penetration is done, then:

  1. Disconnect the fire hose from the fire main
  2. Empty the water from the hose
  3. Connect the HydroCO2
  4. Activate the CO2 bottle

The burning container will be filled with CO2 at safe distance. The efficiency of fighting Class A & B fires will increase.

HydroPen offers instant advantages

  • Simple to operate and requires little training

  • Automates all necessary steps

  • Keeps crew at a safe distance

  • 100% fire main powered - no electricity required​​​​​​​

  • Minimizes spread of fire to other containers

  • Low maintenance

  • Weighs only 5,5 kg (drilling unit)

Type approval

The HydroPen system is type approved in accordance to SOLAS 74, Chapter II-2 Regulation 10.7.3 and Bureau Veritas Rules for the Classification of Steel ships Part F, C11, S30.

The type approval certification has been carried out by Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.

Certification number: 62110/A0 BV.


The technology and combination of work processes in the HydroPen system is patent pending according to the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) administrated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


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