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VIKING Life-Saving Equipment is the safety brand of choice for the professional maritime industry. For the serious and safety conscious leisure yacht or boat operator, we offer a wide range of liferafts and lifejackets which are meticulously crafted in superior quality and high-grade materials, in accordance with rigorous international standards. 

Whether you sail in coastal waters or navigate the open ocean, we offer a comprehensive range of superior life-saving solutions and safety essentials to ensure your safety at sea - and peace of mind. 

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Wherever your journey takes you, VIKING is there to keep you safe. With 280+ service stations across the globe, our qualified technicians are dedicated to ensuring your lifesaving equipment is always fully serviced and ready to save lives. 

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Every life matters

Read the inspiring survival stories that highlight the nessecity of effective and reliable safety equipment in a distressfull situation at sea.