A pedigree of Polar safety

Even before the introduction of the IMO Polar Code, VIKING held decades of experience in Polar safety.

Working closely with special forces, navies, arctic research vessel owners, specialized arctic shipping companies, expedition cruise operators, harsh environment offshore operators and SAR services, we know what it takes to specify efficient safety solutions for polar conditions.

Are you Polar Code ready?

Today, we offer the maritime and offshore industry an unrivalled range of solutions and expertise.

We were first to develop special Polar liferafts operational down to -50° C, while our Polar immersion suits are tested below -60° C. Both solutions are widely in use with maritime operators navigating cold and icy waters today.

Also, we have developed special winterized lifeboat solutions and evacuation systems for safe mass evacuation in cold climates, while our exhaustive portfolio of additional LSA serves as a guarantee that we can put together complete firefighting and survival packages as specified in the Polar Code.

Lifeboat in polar

SAREX tested

VIKING has actively contributed to all editions of the SAREX expedition arranged by the Norwegian Maritime Authority, revealing potential gaps between existing SOLAS safety equipment and the demands of the Polar Code.

Here, our equipment was put through extensive and realistic full-scale tests, building on our unique insight for understanding Polar risks and how best to mitigate them through equipment performance.

Specifying Polar safety solutions

VIKING has pioneered and specified safety solutions that are compliant with Polar Code. Read details in below section – our solution for evacuation systems, marine fire safety, PPE and survival kits.

Full scope Polar safety packages

We bring the maritime and offshore industry a complete selection of Polar Code ready solutions and products including liferafts, lifeboats, marine evacuation systems, fire safety, PPE and additional LSA.

Discover and inquire about our full range in the shop.

Winterization technologies for lifeboats and rescue boats

Winterization technologies for lifeboats and rescue boats

Based on knowledge from SAREX survival tests in Polar conditions, we have developed concepts for winterized equipment, from equipment standards and maintenance to operation procedures.

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“Polar safety is uncharted territory to many operators and were delighted to share our experience and best recommendations for risk assessment, mitigation and product selection."

Benny Carlsen - Senior Vice President Global Sales, VIKING


The original Polar liferaft

For safe escape and evacuation in Polar regions, VIKING recommends our patented Polar liferafts.

Based on VIKING quality standard SOLAS liferafts, Polar liferafts are packed in special containers with built-in heating. Available in sizes from 6-35 persons, they are designed and tested to withstand extremely harsh conditions.

VIKING Life Saving Equipment Press (6)

PPE for Polar conditions

The Polar Code mandates thermal protection to be available for all passengers and crew members aboard. VIKING recommends the use of insulated immersion suits over, e.g. thermal protective aids.

Polar survival kits

Life-saving appliances merit their own chapter in the Polar Code, but keeping seafarers safe in extreme conditions cannot rely on minimum standards.

VIKING has put together two competitive packages of high-quality products conveniently bundled in practical waterproof grab (PSK) and carrying (GSK) bags. Our kits are field tested at SARex III and fit for 5-days of Polar survival.

Liferaft Equipment

We wrote the book on Polar Code safety

As a global leader in maritime safety, we're dedicated to raise the transparency of the Polar Code, making it as simple as possible for everyone to stay safe and compliant.

Our extensive guide helps you decipher Part 1 of the code, which contains mandatory goal based provisions and recommendations on safety measures – including special considerations for passenger vessel operators.