VIKING Group Survival Kit (GSK), Winter-version

Item number 1075976

The VIKING Group Survival Kit (GSK) Winter-version, is a further development of VIKING’s popular ‘2017 Standard GSK’ and it is VIKING’s top of the range Group Survival Kit. A kit made for users with risk assessments calling for higher protection levels.

Full description

Full description

The content chosen for the kit is based on VIKING’s participation in the SARex expeditions, VIKING’s involvement in a large range of Polar Code cases, as well as several internal tests. 

Especially materials being most essential to survival in the polar environment has been developed and/or selected to be used in polar environments:

Tent: High visibility orange ERIA 6000 tent developed for the polar environment.
The tent is easy erected with 4 identical poles and for stabilization purposes equipped with a 60 cm snow skirt, 20 pcs. V-shaped snow pegs, and 6 guy-lines. These features enable the tent to withstand wind speeds up to 80 km/h.

Sleeping bag: High visibility orange Oren 35 sleeping bag with 400g/m² synthetic micro-fiber filling. Tested in accordance with EN ISO 23537-1:2016.

Stove: Compact 2200 W gas driven Fyrestorm cooking system with 360-degree wind protection burner. Incl. cooking pot and lid.

Bag/container: Purpose made solution with a high visibility orange Cordura outer bag containing two 90 liters inner drybags for further protection of the content.
The outer bag is equipped with 4 carrying straps as well as a drag strap allowing the bag to be dragged over ice.

A documentation package with the individual data sheet for each item is available upon request.

Custom-made kits with content according to special requirements can be offered upon request.

In order to comply with dangerous goods regulation during transport, the gas fuel is delivered separately. The end user should distribute the fuel and matches into the kits upon receipt.

Weight (incl. spare PSK):­ 39,00 kg.

Dimensions (incl. spare PSK): 105 X 70 X 50 cm.