Fishing the seas is safe with us

VIKING supplies complete safety solutions for commercial fishing vessels of any type and size.

From the largest trawlers and industrial crab fishing vessels that operate in extreme maritime environments, to fish factory vessels and fish farming support craft, we bring you all the elements needed to stay safe and compliant.

Today, over 2400 professional shipowners including many operators within the fishing industry, have their safety compliance needs managed through a fixed price VIKING Shipowner Agreement. Backed by the world’s strongest service network, they entrust the bulk of safety related administration and risk in the hands of just a single global maritime safety expert.

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Protecting fishing professionals since 1960

The story of VIKING starts in Esbjerg - a windswept coastal town and a central hub for the Danish fishing industry. It’s a place where people know that the sea gives - and that it can take away.

Vintage fishermen deploying VIKING liferaft from ship

For decades, anxious families waited through storms for signs of life from their loved ones out fishing the rough North Sea. Dedicated to bringing safety and security to both the fishermen and their families, local entrepreneur Tage Sørensen (1915-2016) founded VIKING as a manufacturer of liferafts.

Over the course of the next 60 years, commercial fishing has almost disappeared from Esbjerg, however VIKING, now a global company whose name is synonymous with maritime safety, remains.

To this day, we remember and honor where we came from, and we still take pride in keeping the worlds fishing professionals safe at sea.

Smart fishermen subscribe to safety

With a VIKING Shipowner Agreement, your fishing fleet can trust the experts to manage, streamline and simplify all aspects of onboard safety and compliance. Learn how this flexible approach reduces administration and risk - while freeing up resources to boost your core business.

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Commercial fishing has always been a risk prone profession. Over the 60+ year VIKING has existed, several hundred of brave fishing vessel crew have brought themselves to safety using our equipment.

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Access our global service network

With 280+ safety equipment service stations covering all maritime hubs and port locations worldwide, we have got you covered, no matter where you operate.

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Dagmar Larsen and the VIKING life raft

In March 1963, the cutter “Dagmar Larsen” is wrecked in the cold North Sea

After a full three days adrift in a liferaft, the crew of three is saved and brought home safely. In many ways, this vintage rescue story was the event that really got VIKING on the crest of the waves as a liferaft maker.

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