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VIKING brings the commercial shipping industry all the elements needed to stay safe and compliant. We supply and service the full scope of safety equipment for all types of commercial vessels - from the world's largest container carriers, tankers and bulkers, to freighters, feeders and tugs.

Today, over 2400 shipowners with a fleet of more than 20.000 vessels have their safety compliance needs managed through a fixed price VIKING Shipowner Agreement. Backed by the world’s strongest service network, they entrust the bulk of safety related administration and risk in the hands of just a single global maritime safety expert.

Whatever your safety needs, VIKING has the solution.

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VIKING liferafts onboard ocean going vessel

Safety first

Ever since the invention of ships, humans have turned to the seas to move goods from one point to another, sustaining life and helping societies flourish in the process.

Just as long as commercial shipping has existed, so have the dangers facing seafarers on board the thousands of vessels on which over 80% of the world's supplies now depend.

VIKING is proud to help keep all commercial seafarers and maritime professionals safe at sea.

In the world of maritime, safety is first and we know that successful operators must continuously maximize efficiencies, without compromising performance - even when it comes to safety.

Shipowner Agreement

Shipowner Agreement

With a VIKING Shipowner Agreement, you can trust the experts to manage, streamline and simplify all aspects of onboard safety and compliance. Learn how this flexible approach reduces administration and risk - while freeing up resources to boost your core business.

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Lives saved

Lifeboat service

Lifeboat service

We control the entire lifeboat service value chain, from booking and inspection to execution spares, documentation and training. This way, our services for lifeboats, rescue boats and davits of any make and type, make compliance simpler and more streamlined.

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Firefighting equipment service

Firefighting equipment service

Our greatest asset is our highly experienced technicians, trained and certified to the highest standards. Supported by online information, easy access to OEM-grade spare parts and continuously updated manuals, they carry out service at uniformly high-quality standards.

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With 280+ safety equipment service stations covering all maritime hubs and port locations worldwide, we have got you covered, no matter where you operate.

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