Personal protective equipment for commercial shipping

VIKING designs, manufactures and supplies the most comprehensive range of high-quality protective suits and lifejackets for all commercial shipping applications, standards and requirements.

VIKING YouSafe PPE is your safety at sea

We are passionate about safety at sea and when it comes to personal protective equipment, the VIKING YouSafeTM brand embodies our full commitment to this agenda. We put your safety first - and that goes for our complete range of products - from the basic lifejacket, to the most advanced protective suit. No exceptions. After all, PPE is the last line of defence when it comes to enduring the tough jobs and many perils at sea that have inspired the product names in our product range.

Featured immersion suits

With several different styles, ranging from basic Neoprene suits to top-of-the-line PU coated Nylon models with integrated buoyancy, we offer the most comprehensive range of any manufacturer.

Developed in close cooperation with customers, VIKING YouSafeTM suits comply with SOLAS and USCG regulations and provide excellent thermal protection, flame retardancy and ergonomics. Learn more in our brochure below.

Featured anti-exposure and work suits

Manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions, our dual-approved, fitted and ergonomically enhanced VIKING YouSafeTM constant wear and anti-exposure work suits are designed for performance across multiple marine applications including MOB boat operations. Browse our brochure section to know more. 

Featured lifejackets

Our comprehensive range of VIKING YouSafeTM SOLAS and CE approved lifejackets combine performance and comfort with maximum personal protection at sea.

Choose from a variety of models, buoyancy options, inflation systems and feature combinations suitable for different demanding applications. To learn more, browse our brochure section below.

“With the most comprehensive range of PPE for any maritime application, our commitment to safety is centered round a proactive focus on quality and performance. But we’re much about design, features, comfort and style, too…”

Jens Peter Kruse, VP Global Fire & PPE, VIKING

Featured fire suits

Safe and efficient fire response operations require readiness of high quality, effective firefighting apparel and equipment approved according to SOLAS and USCG standards.

VIKING offers a complete range of PPE including fire suits and accessories as well as packages based on individual commercial vessel requirements.

Polar safety

Polar safety

Each year, thousands of vessels visit the areas covered by the Polar Code as these regions become more accessible. VIKING has decades of experience when it comes to Polar Safety and we know what it takes to specify efficient safety solutions for you.

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PPE servicing you can trust

Our unique global servicing setup makes it possible for us to cover all your immersion suit and lifejacket servicing needs from a single point of contact.

At our certified and audited servicing stations covering all the worlds commercial shipping locations, experienced technicians follows strict guidelines for high-quality service using first-class test facilities, tools and spare parts. We are committed to ensure that both our direct booking and Shipowner Agreement customers experience efficient and convenient servicing with full documentation - when and where they need it.

PPE Service

Smart shipowners get PPE on subscription

With a VIKING Shipowner Agreement lets you entrust the experts to manage and handle your PPE supply and service needs.

Learn why thousands of commercial shipowners have already subscribed to this flexible approach that uses proactive planning, fast exchange and cutting-edge digital tools to reduce administration and risk.

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With a Shipowner Agreement, immersion suits and lifejackets are simply exchanged with freshly serviced gear and valid certificates, directly at the pier or warehouse.




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With more than 280 stations covering all major ports and offshore hubs, our certified and highly trained technicians work towards globally uniform and audited quality standards, to ensure you the best and most efficient servicing experience.

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