PPE service straight from the manufacturer

VIKINGs global network of servicing station offers flexible, high quality servicing options that reduce administration, complexity and cost.

Over 200 of our of our stations specialize in servicing personal protective equipment (PPE) including immersion suits, lifejackets and offshore flight gear.

Widely used by maritime operators, these products must always be ready to perform and save lives ​​​​​​​in the event of an emergency. For this reason, servicing, testing and repairs are performed with meticulous care and attention to detail - according to internationally acknowledged procedures.

With VIKING, you get on time and quality service with the right spare parts for optimal crew safety and complete compliance with international regulations such as SOLAS, USCG and the EU - straight from the manufacturer.

Service where you need it

Our ever expanding network of strategically located service stations covers all major global ports and offshore hubs.

Staffed by over 600 highly trained PPE service technicians, we stand ready to deliver all the services you need - just where you need them.

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VIKING service stations

VIKING has been manufacturing premium PPE for decades and from experience, we believe that certified servicing makes a difference.

Jens Peter Kruse, VP Global Fire & PPE, VIKING

The benefits of consolidating service

Consolidating the servicing of safety equipment can make it easier to keep track of the servicing status and relevant due dates. Arranging for your immersion suits and lifejackets to be serviced along with your other safety equipment, such as liferafts and marine firefighting equipment, also minimizes costs related to handling, transportation and overtime.

We have the global setup and expertise to handle all your servicing requirements with just one point of contact and we offers both product specific servicing packages and customized fleet solutions with optimal conditions.

You can choose between attractive day-to-day rates or flexible and customizable fixed price agreements.


PPE exchange means service on subscription

Managed under the well-known VIKING Shipowner Agreement concept, our popular PPE Exchange Agreements are an excellent option for those operators who want to avoid the hassles and potential cost-fluctuations of PPE servicing.

When you add PPE exchange for immersion suits or lifejackets to your VIKING Shipowner Agreement, items due for service are simply swapped with freshly serviced equipment and valid certificates, directly at pier or warehouse, for a fixed annual price per item.

Mandatory service has never been more convenient

With an agreement in place, you are always sure to have safe and fully compliant equipment on-board, with no need to worry about any of the traditional servicing hassles or hidden and fluctuating costs. No matter where your exchange is conducted, the fee stays the same.

Immersion Suit Exchange

VIKING will even handle notification, scheduling and invoicing of your exchange for when the vessel is in port. Our dedicated and reliable planners keep track of all the details and customers only need a single point of contact, so there is no need to spend time on contacting overseas vendors.

The world’s largest pool of cutting-edge equipment

In support of our exchange agreement, we maintain the world’s largest pool of approved, high‐quality liferafts. When it comes to immersion suits, agreements can include the popular SOLAS approved immersion suits VIKING YouSafe Wave neoprene immersion suit, the top-of-the-line VIKING YouSafe Breeze PU-coated nylon immersion suit and the rugged and ergonomic VIKING YouSafe Pro SOLAS/CE inflatable lifejacket.


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ETSO compliant service for offshore aviation PPE

VIKING doesn’t just manufacture safety equipment for offshore aviation - we take care of all your servicing needs, too.

Supporting ETSO-authorized products carries stringent requirements. Only EASA Part 145 authorized servicing stations can perform service on original equipment. In addition, national air authorities need to verify compliance. Besides certification, servicing for aviation PPE is unique, as it requires special tracking of components used in both the suits and the associated service.

Watch our video

Learn how cutting-edge RFID tracking technology is used to enhance our aviation PPE service offering.

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Full coverage for offshore operators in the North Sea

VIKING is fully certified to service and issue certificates for ETSO-compliant suits and lifejackets to ensure airworthiness, reliability and security. We have an unmatched level of coverage around the North Sea bringing compliance, security and efficiency to offshore operators and protects their ability to function. 

Our offshore customers can have their aviation suits and lifejackets maintained or repaired at five EASA Part 145 approved stations; Aberdeen in UK, Bergen in Norway, Den Helder in Netherland, Esbjerg in Denmark or Schwei-West in Germany – or a combination of these locations. All five servicing stations are also certified to carry out maintenance and repair of VIKING’s YouSafe full range of immersion suits and lifejackets