Foam sample kit

Item number 1073537

Foam sample kit

  • Consistent quality analysis performed by certified VIKING foam laboratory.
  • Testing in accordance with IMO MSC .1/Circ 1312and 670 and under approval of various classification societies.
  • Kit includes prepaid shipping of the sample to the VIKING laboratory.
  • Results send back electronically to both vessel and shoreside management.
  • History of lab results and certifications stored digitally in e web-based system.
  • Automatic notification for upcoming periodic test.
Full description

Full description

The VIKING foam sample contains all items needed for the crew to collect a good foam sample from the foam tank and the kit also contains all materials to ship the sample properly to the VIKING lab.

As per IMO MISC .1/Circ.1312 /670 a periodic foam analysis need to be completed.

The foam sample needs to be a representation of the actual foam compound.

The technical foam specifications and vessel information to be reported on the request for analysis form and put in the box with the sample for shipment.


The VIKING foam sample kit contains
  • shipping box with warning label
  • 2 liter sample bottle
  • Label
  • sealed bag
  • foam sample instructions
  • request for analysis form
  • shipping AWB
  • Dimension: 15,8 x 15,6 x 32 cm
  • Weight: 390 gram


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