Evacuation system service is a matter of trust

Making sure that the evacuation systems onboard your ferry, cruise ship or offshore asset is always ready to save lives when it matters is not just a matter of service and maintenance compliance as prescribed by regulations – it is a matter of trust.

As a leading system manufacturer with a unique network of servicing stations worldwide, we offer our marine and offshore evacuation system customer a unique combination of value and efficiency when it comes to the availability, flexibility and competence of VIKING evacuation system service.

Service where you need it

The VIKING evacuation system service reach is based on an expanding network of 67 service stations strategically located to cover all major global maritime and offshore hubs.

At our stations and beyond, specially trained service engineers and service flying squads offer the highest level of service with exclusive use of quality parts and equipment.

Certified partner service stations
VIKING service stations
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All services from one global partner

Our unique global servicing setup makes it possible for us to cover all your servicing needs from a single point of contact.

With a VIKING Shipowner Agreement or Offshore Safety Agreement, you can achieve safety compliance efficiencies at scale, leaving your multi-product service including lifeboats, liferafts, PPE, evacuation systems, firefighting equipment and more, safely in the hands of a global one-stop-shop supplier.

MES service straight from the manufacturer

VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to marine and offshore evacuation system service maintenance, testing, retrofit, overhaul, repair and exchange.

Our large team of VIKING Safety Academy trained and certified service technicians have the competences to deliver the right solution for any project. Also, they work to maximize cost-efficiency, compliance and safety in the process.

We constantly optimize the entire service value chain, ensuring that our service customers can always expect unmatched competence, flexibility and quality.


Our evacuation systems must be serviced at a VIKING certified station.

Liferafts with extended service intervals

All our evacuation systems for marine and offshore applications are available with extended servicing interval (S30) liferafts in all types and sizes.

These liferafts are serviced using a combination of intuitive on board inspection and standard service every 30 months at a certified VIKING S30 liferaft servicing station.

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Maximize drydock service efficiency

When a vessel or offshore asset is taken to the dry dock, it provides for the optimal opportunity to perform service, maintenance, refurbishment, retrofit or exchange of your evacuation systems. No matter the complexity and scope of your dry dock service job – VIKING has the solution and expertise.