Dry docking

When a vessel is taken to the dry dock it provides for the optimal opportunity to perform in depth service, repairs or replacement of on board systems and equipment. This includes the vessels safety equipment including firefighting and protection systems, lifeboats, survival craft launch appliances and much more.

One safety service supplier – one point of contact

While dry docking can be a complex undertaking with several aspects to consider, contacting and dealing with multiple life-saving equipment suppliers does not have to pose a challenge.

With VIKING as your safety equipment partner for dry dock service, you are guaranteed to have an experienced partner on-board, who is capable of planning and performing multi-system, multi-brand service and repair – with OEM quality.

Our competence is at your service

VIKING’s service teams has extensive experience in supporting vessels in dry dock.

Powered by know-how established over many years and covering the full range of owner needs, from initial surveys to documentation and reporting, our offering includes the following services:

VIKING dry dock services

All the comprehensive technical services listed below, are fully supported by our global dry dock project teams and certified service technician riding crews.

Highly trained and certified technicians

When it comes to marine fire equipment service, our greatest strength - and the greatest benefit we offer our customers - is our in-house and manufacturer trained, highly experienced and fully certified technicians.

Our technicians have a deep understanding and knowledge of maritime safety – not restricted to service alone - and they are supported by a management team with technical backgrounds.

Nadiro hook and service technician
Switch to the [best and safest lifeboat hooks]

Switch to the best and safest lifeboat hooks

Worn and outdated lifeboat hooks can pose a major risk to crews performing drills or running an actual evacuation. With VIKING, you get to choose between the industry’s safest hooks – the VIKING Norsafe TOR and the VIKING Nadiro Drop-In-Ball and K4-D.


Our technicians carry out service according to uniform, high-quality standards all over the world - following the mantra: either we do it right … or we don’t do it.

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With more than 280 stations covering all major ports and offshore hubs, our certified and highly trained technicians work towards globally uniform and audited quality standards, to ensure you the best and most efficient servicing experience.

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