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VIKING has decades of experience in servicing liferafts of all types and sizes and our unique global servicing setup makes it possible for us to cover all your servicing needs from a single point of contact - worldwide.

At our 280+ certified and audited servicing stations covering all the worlds commercial shipping locations and offshore hotspots, VIKING Safety Academy trained and experienced technicians follows strict guidelines for high-quality service using first-class tools and spare parts.

We are committed to ensure that both our direct booking and safety agreement customers experience efficient and convenient servicing with full documentation - when and where they need it.

Access our liferaft service network

With 280+ state-of-the art liferaft service stations covering all major ports and shipping lanes worldwide, commercial shipowners and operators can trust VIKING to always provide the most efficient servicing solution available.

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Smart shipowners subscribe to liferaft service

Did you know that the owners of no less than 20000+ vessels and offshore assets with a VIKING Shipowner or Offshore Safety Agreement get their liferafts serviced on subscription?

Learn how this flexible approach uses proactive planning, fast exchange and cutting-edge digital tools to both reduce administration and risk, and to free up resources for your core business.

The owners of 20000+ vessels and 3000+ offshore assets get their liferafts serviced og subscription

Liferafts with extended service intervals

While according to SOLAS regulations, standard liferafts must be serviced once every 12 months, also VIKING offers liferafts with an extended servicing interval (S30) in all types and sizes.

These liferafts are serviced using a combination of easy 3-step annual on board inspection and standard service every 30 months at a certified VIKING S30 liferaft servicing station.

With a VIKING Shipowner or Offshore Safety Agreement, you can have both liferaft types (standard and S30) - and vary the ratio whenever you need to. We’ve even ensured they share the same packaging and rack mounts to make swapping them as easy as can be.

Liferafts installed on a vessel
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Planning makes it perfect

Our global team of dedicated service planners work proactively to ensure that our customers are kept hassle-free when it comes to liferaft servicing.

Working out of our global service planning center or serving customers from local branches with round-the-clock availability, just one point of contact and powered by unrivaled digital tools, our planners have full transparency of the servicing process - from notification to invoicing - and they’ll quickly get to know your vessels, routes and preferences.

All this allows them to flexibly identify and implement the best, most efficient solution.

Uniform service and documentation

VIKING has a detailed and globally uniform procedure for liferaft servicing to maintain highest quality standards. All the information related to inspection and certifications are archived according to regulations. The servicing includes cleaning, inside and outside inspections, repair work and replacements of liferaft equipment (if needed). The serviced liferaft goes through different testing procedure that are subjected to various intervals according to international regulations.

We love our service technicians

The heart and soul of our global liferafts servicing setup is our team of 800+ dedicated and experienced service technicians.

Trained and certified to the highest standards under the VIKING Safety Academy, our technicians make sure that over 100.000 liferafts are serviced and sent back to sea to protect seafarer lives – every year.

At their disposal, our technicians have the very highest spec of tools, spare parts and digital technologies to make both inspection, servicing and documentation as efficient and uniform as possible.

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Become a liferaft service technician

Do you want to save lives for a living?

Our liferafts service technicians take pride in their job which provides a critical contribution to protecting and saving human lives at sea. As our servicing network keeps growing, we are always looking for competent technicians with a variety of technical backgrounds.

When joining VIKING as a liferaft service technician, full scope training at our inhouse VIKING Safety Academy, as well as great working conditions, tram spirit and flexibility is always part of the package.


Our expertise is your safety at sea

At VIKING, we are proud to call ourselves liferaft experts - and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Did you ever wonder what happens during liferaft service, how extended service intervals work, how liferafts are made – or something entirely different?

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