Anatomy of a liferaft

The liferaft features a self-righting ability, meaning that no matter how it lands in the water, it will always deploy facing the right way up - ready for boarding. It has the capacity to evacuate 25 people and is certified by DNV in accordance with SOLAS/MED. The liferaft is delivered complete with emergency kit SOLAS A pack or B pack. Made from natural rubber and high-grade canvas materials, a liferaft like this one has an expected lifespan of 15-20 years and is available with either a 12 months service interval or a 30 months extended service interval.

Anatomy Of A Liferaft
  1. Lifting arrangement/suspension straps
  2. Rainwater catchment unit, rainwater collecting bags and operational instructions inside
  3. Internal lifeline
  4. Buoyancy tubes
  5. External lifeline
  6. Stabilizing pocket
  7. Double floor in the middle or double floor at the bottom incl. bilge arrangements
  8. External, automatically activated light
  9. Internal, automatically activated light
  10. Blue inner canopy with double zip closure
  11. Retro-reflective tape
  12. Viewing port
  13. Orange outer canopy with double zip closure
  14. Emergency kit and liferaft equipment
  15. CO2 cylinder
  16. Boarding ladder
  17. Boarding ramp
  18. Buoyant safety knife
  19. Bridle
  20. Topping-up valve
  21. Anti-vacuum device
  22. Davit shackle
  23. Sea anchor

What’s in the liferaft emergency kit?

Water and food rations; paddles; bailer; buoyant safety knife; rescue quoit with line; water bags; flares; parachute rockets; flashlights (spare batteries and bulbs); signalling mirror, SOLAS first aid kit; survival instructions; leak stopper; drinking cups; scissors; extra sea anchor and line; SOLAS smoke signals; repair kit; sea-sickness bags, thermal survival bag; bellows/pump; table of life-saving signals; and sponges.

Kits can also be supplied with desalinators, and with extra rations for polar conditions.

solas approved liferaft emergency kits

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