Marine evacuation systems

With over 1500 systems currently installed on vessels around the world, VIKING is the world’s largest supplier of marine evacuation systems (MES) for cruise ships and ferries of all types and sizes.

With all systems designed for intuitive operation and proven during heavy weather sea trials, our range spans from mini-slide solutions for evacuating up to 153 passengers, right up to the highest capacity chute systems on the market - moving more than 900 people to safety in under 30 minutes.

The right system for your fleet and needs

We constantly push the boundaries with visionary solutions and the ability to mix and match different systems is a special VIKING advantage, with storage racks and containers that can be used with not just one but with multiple systems.

We can help you specify and select the right solution for any vessel and our team of designers and technicians can provide assistance for the seamless integration with your vessel design.

All systems are supported by our unique global service network and cost-effective Shipowner Agreements to ensure convenient and effective turnaround time.

MES installation types and sizes

Featured marine evacuation systems

Every second counts when evacuating a cruise ship. What you need is an efficient and intuitive system that your crew and passengers can rely on.

MES spotlight - VIKING VEDS Helix

Serving three 153 person capacity liferafts by means of a Helix type slide system, the VIKING VEDS takes only 3 crewmembers to operate and is based on the principles of technical simplicity and operational reliability.

With a total SOLAS evacuation capacity of 918 people in 30 minutes, the system is bound to protect passengers and crew on some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

VIKING evacuation chute system

Meet the Storm Chasers

All VIKING marine evacuation systems are tested under extreme weather conditions in harsh marine environments during our heavy weather sea trials.

Join the tough VIKINGs of our DTV team for a day on the job, as the set to sea to put our technology to the test.

VIKING Lifecraft Survival Craft 2019 Design Fully Loaded

MES spotlight – VIKING LifeCraft

As the world’s first flag and type approved advanced evacuation system, the VIKING LifeCraft™ System combines the advantages of lifeboats, MES and liferafts and is set to revolutionize cruise vessel evacuation while freeing up deck space, too. The high-capacity system is designed for rapid near-ship maneuverability with excellent station keeping and the ability to assist in search and rescue operations.

Housed in a minimalist launching unit and served by four evacuation chutes, the LifeCraftTM system comes with four self-propelled survival craft each powered by four independent electric thrusters.

Global service and support

To keep the over 1500 VIKING marine evacuation systems installed on ships around the world, we operate an extensive network of servicing stations covering key port locations worldwide. Our stations are all manned by trained and experienced MES technicians and supported by our global expert flying teams. This setup means high-quality, cost-effective and convenient service is available where and when you need it.





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Get training included

VIKING Safety Academy’s Onboard Training Program is a combination of theoretical e-learning and practical exercises with a focus on emergency training, maintenance procedures and operation of Marine Evacuation Systems.

The training is accessed via VIKING’s Learning Management System (LMS). Crew members completes their assigned e-learning via LMS and practical exercises then gets conducted onboard. Once both the e-learning and practical exercises have been finalized successfully, the crew members can download their certificate of compliance. This setup significantly improves the cost efficiency of the crew training


Extended service interval

All MES solutions can be supplied with VIKING S30 liferafts with 30 months extended service interval liferafts.

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Bring the safety experts onboard before building new assets

Our OEM experience in marine evacuation is second to none and we are experienced in working with naval architects, designers and engineers.

That’s why many yards and shipowners team up with our experts from the earliest design phase, to optimize the efficiency and total cost of ownership of their evacuation solution and overall safety setup. We take pride in solving the challenges our customers face.

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