Welcome to the future of cruise and ferry safety

Hailed as a true gamechanger in cruise and ferry safety, the LifeCraftTM system is the world’s first type and flag approved advanced evacuations system.

The LifeCraft™ system comprises four 203 person self-propelled survival crafts and a storage and launching unit, either placed on deck or built into the ship’s side. Bringing together the advantages of premium lifeboat, liferaft and evacuation system technology in a revolutionary hybrid solution, the LifeCraftTM offers both improved passenger and crew safety, as well as several commercial and operational benefits.

Life on board

The human factor has remained a pivotal element in the design and engineering of the entire LifeCraft™ system. For instance, an electronic counter for chute descent control installs evacuee confidence, safety and efficiency in the evacuation process. At sea level, the rubber construction of the craft with its spacious individual seat arrangement, absorbs wave motion much better than rigid hull craft, hereby increasing evacuee comfort and - along with great ventilation - decreases the likelihood of seasickness.

LifeCraft in action

A maneuverable master of all trades

Just like a liferaft and MES, the LifeCraft™ allows a total of 812 passengers and crew to descend by an evacuation chute from the deck - quickly and in a controlled manner, to the safety of the raft waiting below.

Like lifeboats, the four self-propelled LifeCraft™ survival craft units move quickly away from a stricken ship - even in heavy weather. Uniquely for the LifeCraft™, however, each survival craft is powered by four electric thrusters situated in each corner of the individual craft. This setup offers truly unparalleled maneuverability, station keeping ability and stability.

Not only can the LifeCraft™ units make a quick escape and stay put in a safe position, but by means of their maneuverability and acceleration, they can also contribute to SAR operations.

“Our focus is to improve safety and efficiency with intuitive design.”

Niels Fraende, VP Cruise & LifeCraft, VIKING

LifeCraft brings more life on deck

Today’s cruise industry demands visually appealing solutions for any onboard infrastructure or equipment. VIKING LifeCraft™ System represents the state of the art in deckside design - both when it comes to footprint, aesthetics and practicality.

The system’s storing and launching unit packs an evacuation capability of 812 persons in a single-deck casing the size of a single shipping container - and it can either be placed on deck or built in to the ship’s side.

With its high capacity and small system footprint, the LifeCraft™ has the ability to replace lifeboats and other evacuation systems, freeing up deck space to be used for adding more cabins, value adding experience and recreational spaces for your passengers.

Just imagine what you could do with all that extra deck space.

LifeCraft storage space onboard

First of its kind

As the first advanced evacuation system in the world, VIKING LifeCraft™ is type approved by Lloyds Register and flag approved by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) as meeting the requirements for replacing conventional lifeboats on passenger ships. 

Policies and Certificates

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Designed for durability and easy maintenance

Thanks to unrelenting insistence on simplicity - and servicing readiness - a VIKING LifeCraft™ system is astoundingly simple to service.

Radically rethinking evacuation system design has enabled us to reduce the number of mechanical components - extending the system’s useful lifetime and saving you time and maintenance or repair costs as a result. Also, our engineers have teamed up with expert MES service technicians to create a solution that makes servicing faster and less of a disturbance to the ship’s deck side operations. 

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Onboard training 

VIKING Safety Academy’s Onboard Training Program is a combination of theoretical e-learning and practical exercises with a focus on emergency training, maintenance procedures and operation of Marine Evacuation Systems.

The training is accessed via VIKING’s Learning Management System (LMS). Crew members complete their assigned LifeCraft e-learning via LMS and practical exercises then get conducted onboard. Once both the e-learning and practical exercises have been finalized successfully, the crew members can download their certificate of compliance.

This setup significantly improves the cost efficiency of the crew training.

Meet the storm chasers

The VIKING LifeCraft™ advanced evacuation system has been tested and proven to perform in extreme weather conditions and in harsh marine environments during our heavy weather sea trials.

In fact, no marine evacuation system or lifeboat solution has been put through a more meticulous and demanding test setup than the LifeCraft™.

Watch the video to join our team of ‘storm chasers’ from VIKING DTV on a LifeCraft heavy weather sea trial.


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Bring the safety experts before building new assets

Our OEM experience in marine evacuation is second to none and we are experienced in working with naval architects, designers and engineers.

That’s why many yards and shipowners team up with our experts from the earliest design phase, to optimize the efficiency and total cost of ownership of their evacuation solution and overall safety setup. We take pride in solving the challenges our customers face.

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