Marine evacuation system – VIKING, VEMC, MiniChute

Item number VEMC

The VEMC system is certified by DNV in accordance with SOLAS/MED requirements and relevant flag state approvals. When the system is activated the liferaft will automatically pull the chute into the liferaft when inflating.

  • Available with either reduced emergency pack, A or B SOLAS emergency pack
  • Can be combined with wide range of liferaft types
  • Few crew required and minimal specialized training
  • Quick and simple mounting and dismounting for service
  • Model available for Navy and Polar conditions
  • Ability to evacuate 582 persons in 30 minutes (SOLAS) and 326 person in 17 minutes (SOLAS-HSC)
  • Flexible and stable, even in very rough seas
  • Embarkation heights between 7 and 20.2 meters above waterline
Full description

Full description

The VIKING Evacuations MiniChute VEMC System is designed especially for small and medium sized vessels with embarkation heights between 7 and 20.2 meters.

The self-constrained system with integrated liferafts provides rapid and safe evacuation directly into the liferafts. The liferaft is pre-installed onto the chute system and inflates automatically with one simple pull on the slip hook. The VEMC system can be installed anywhere onboard; on open deck or between decks in an open recess with a float free unit. 

VEMC systems contains one liferaft with either 101 or 153 person with either A og B SOLAS emergency pack. It is also available for Navy and Polar conditions.

Few crew and minimal specialized training required
The system is activated by pulling the slip-hook or alternative by the remote release
system, type Hammar (optional). By gravity acting on the liferaft container, the container
will start moving down the frame and start tilting the chute package The liferaft´s inflation is activated manually by pulling the painter line from installation deck.
The liferaft will automatically pull the chute into the liferaft when inflating.

SOLAS 74, Reg. III/4 & III/34, as amended by IMO Res. MSC 48(66)
and IMO Res. MSC 81(70)
EC type approval acc. to EC Directive 96/98/EC

SOLAS, IMO, USCG, MCA, EC and other national authorities