Safety partnership - right from the start

VIKING’s experience indicates that ship safety solutions are optimized when they are scoped, designed and incorporated into the vessel design from the outset of a newbuilding project.

Any benefits of short-term savings at this stage can quickly evaporate as operational realities take over. As a result, VIKING recommends a collaborative approach to safety at the first stages of ship design.

Touching on every aspect of the storage, deployment and servicing of equipment, VIKING also works with designers, builders and owners to
ensure that their safety solutions are optimized for aesthetic appeal and design integration, while avoiding potential reconfiguration costs further down the line.

Planning a new vessel?

VIKING offers the full scope safety and evacuation solutions for electric ferries. We can act as your full-service partner on safety, from the concept design phase, through construction to delivery and beyond.

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Full-scope safety solutions

VIKING is a full scope safety supplier and cover the complete range of safety equipment for your vessel including :

  • MOB/FRC and Davits

  • Evacuation systems and Liferafts

  • Training

  • Personal protection

  • Fire safety equipment

  • Additional LSA

Drawing on over 40 years of experience, we design our systems with a minimal deck footprint to optimize the amount of space on board.

VIKING’s knowledge and experience when it comes to regulations is second to none. From design to delivery, and throughout the lifetime of the vessel, we offer the support you need to ensure that your vessel is always safe and compliant.

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