Additional LSA for cruise and ferry

Carrying billions of passengers and guests from A to B or on voyages of their lifetime every year, cruise ships and ferries require a host of different lifesaving appliances to make journeys safe and operations compliant.

As your partner for safety compliance, we stock and supply a comprehensive range of multi-brand additional life-saving appliances to complete our full-scope safety offering.

Our range of high-quality products cover lifebuoys, pyrotechnics, occupational safety, polar survival kits, onboard security gear, signals and signs, medical equipment and much more. We maintain stocks all over the world, so that your ships are not delayed in port by waiting for replenishment of vital safety equipment.

Your one-stop-shop for maritime safety products

Did you know that you could mix and match your very own safety package in our online shop. Simply add whatever safety products you require to your list and submit an enquiry to get a quote for your selected items.

Returning VIKING customers with a shop login, can even see their prices in the system and complete transactions directly – just like in any other webshop.

Two men in anti exposure suits in rubber boat at sea

Featured safety products

Quality and compliance guaranteed

When sourcing safety products and lifesaving appliances, cruise and ferry operators face several important questions and a maze of different options. When is quality for a safety product acceptable? Does a newly procured safety product comply with regulations? How can I source a replacement if something breaks? 

​​​​​​​Let our experts help you put together the optimal package for your newbuild or existing fleet. We only supply well-known brands and high-quality options, most of which have been in our portfolio for years. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure you get at cost-efficient solution and we make sure that all products are approved according to SOLAS and relevant standards in the market.

LSA on Demand

LSA on Demand

A Shipowner Agreement topped up with our LSA on Demand concept saves on logistics and administration, by ensuring the instant, fixed-price availability of the most common types of maritime safety products in strategically located ports.

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