Marine fire safety for passenger vessels

VIKING is a true global marine fire safety solutions and equipment service partner for the cruise and ferry industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of products, services and technical expertise across all vessel types and applications, to ensure that your onboard firefighting and fire protection setup is always compliant and ready to save lives.

Firefighting equipment service

Firefighting equipment service

Our greatest asset is our highly experienced technicians, trained and certified to the highest standards. Supported by online information, easy access to OEM-grade spare parts and continuously updated manuals, they carry out service at uniformly high-quality standards.

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Quality and compliance across the service value chain

Our highly efficient global service network covers 150+ key port locations served by VIKING’s own dedicated workshops and annually audited, certified and authorized service providers. We service all equipment types and brands - while our unique, state-of-the-art booking and servicing system provides unparalleled coordination accuracy and flexibility.

We control the entire service value chain, ensuring that our customers can always expect unmatched efficiency, uniform service quality and full documentation.

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Full scope marine firefighting and safety packages

We offer the cruise and ferry business a complete selection of high-quality and approved marine fire safety products. Whether as a supplier of foam concentrate, fire suits, extinguishers, hoses, smoke and gas detection equipment, solutions for fighting electric car fires, medical oxygen and breathing apparatus, as a service and compliance partner, or as a provider of complete firefighting packages - VIKING provides the total package on marine fire safety.

When it comes to personal protection for marine firefighters, VIKING is a leading manufacturer of high quality SOLAS/MED and USCG compliant fire suits and accessories under the VIKING YouSafe brand preferred by cruise and ferry operators across the world.

Access our marine fire service network

With 44 marine fire safety service stations covering 150+ key commercial port locations worldwide, we have got you covered, no matter where you sail.

Certified partner service stations
VIKING service stations

Fires are among the top five causes of global safety incidents in shipping, with over 1700 reported over the last ten years.

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Fire safety on subscription

With a VIKING Shipowner Agreement, passenger vessel owners and operators can trust the experts to manage, streamline and simplify all aspects of onboard safety and compliance.

Explore all the benefits of the industry’s leading safety on subscription concept - and add marine fire safety to your Shipowner Agreement today.

From top of the line combined immersion and fire suits to traditional on board firefighter packages, we make sure you get what you need.

Future proof protection against
electric car fires

As the global fleet of electric vehicles grow ever larger in line with the green transition, so does the severe risk associated with electric car fires on board RoRo and RoPax vessels.

A fire in an electric vehicle battery is a complex challenge and the fire can flare up again long after the vehicle has been switched off. A burning battery also emits toxic and corrosive gas hydrogen fluoride, which makes the area dangerous both for firefighters and vessel passengers and crew.  

VIKING has the expertise to advise on and supply the best battery extinguishing system technology on the market, tested extensively by automotive partners and fire departments.

Electric car fire


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Billion passengers carried by ferries every year

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Million electric vehicles expected in 2025

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VIKING service stations with full IACS Z17 test capabilities



SOLAS fire suits supplied

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