Mercy Ships brings VIKING on board its life-saving mission

Esbjerg, Denmark, November 2022

Five billion people worldwide do not have access to or can afford safe surgeries and healthcare. A new collaboration with VIKING means that Mercy Ships will be able to help even more people in need.

Mercy Ships is very grateful to announce that the organization has brought the global, Denmark based, company VIKING Life-Saving Equipment on board. VIKING will replace the life rafts on the old Storebælt-ferry, Africa Mercy, and thus contribute to ensure that the ship meets the highest safety standards in the future as well.

Ships in harbor

Since its founding in 1960, VIKING's life rafts and other safety solutions have contributed to creating safety and to saving people in life-threatening situations at sea.

"VIKING has committed to protecting and saving lives all over the world, and this matches perfectly with Mercy Ships' mission," says CEO Henrik Uhd Christensen. "That is why this collaboration with Mercy Ships in so many ways is both obvious, meaningful and filled with synergy.”

Mercy Ships Denmark's general secretary, Vibeke Hauge Førrisdahl, is also delighted with the partnership:

“The massive support we have received from VIKING is fantastic for Mercy Ships. Safety at sea is crucial to our entire work and VIKING’s support ensures that our deployed volunteers and local patients feel safe on board our hospital ships. VIKING’s choice to support Mercy Ships means that more funds can go uncut to what is Mercy Ships' primary task i.e., to ensure operations and improved healthcare for some of the world's most vulnerable."


When you choose to enter into partnership with Mercy Ships, you are especially helping to achieve the Goal no. 3 "Good Health and well-being" and 4 "Quality education". In addition, Mercy Ships also works with Goals 1 "No poverty",2 "Zero hunger" and 17 "Partnerships for the goals".

Henrik Uhd Christensen:
"We are proud to be able to support Mercy Ships' significant work with, among other things, bringing safe surgery to children and adults who otherwise do not have access or can afford it. Together, we lift the UN's SDG’s, concerning human survival and health. We are going all in to ensure a fair and sustainable world for everyone."

In connection with the replacement of the life rafts on Africa Mercy, a report on VIKING's meeting with Mercy Ships' patients and Danish volunteers on board the ship will be published next year.

About Mercy Ships:
Mercy Ships is an international humanitarian aid organization founded in 1978. The Danish national office has existed since 2010. Mercy Ships works from the hospital ships Africa Mercy and Global Mercy, mainly in West Africa. The organization is based on Christian values with charity as a foca
l point. Mercy Ships provides free medical care to the world's poorest through healthcare services, life-changing surgeries, and capacity building.


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