Triple certified VIKING Shield offers fire services unrivalled protection

For the first time, emergency responders have a purpose-built garment that has been designed for the majority of their call outs. The VIKING SHIELD is specifically developed for the most common calls departments currently face.

Grant Grinstead, Fire Segment Key Account and Product Manager for North America, VIKING, said securing full bloodborne pathogen protection certification would further drive uptake of VIKING SHIELD for technical rescue usage across North America, where its ‘three-in-one’ capabilities had “impressed everyone who has had a suit in their hands”.

“When every second counts, first responders need protection against every eventuality and they often don’t know what they will be dealing with until they arrive on-scene,” said Grinstead. “Crews responding to auto accidents, for example, need to be especially confident that they are protected against bloodborne pathogens.”

The ‘modular’ VIKING SHIELD suit features a ‘snap-in’ Gore® SR breathable moisture barrier. This liner protects against water infiltration, bloodborne pathogens and NFPA testing requirement common chemicals for crews responding to vehicle extrications and emergency medical operations. Simply removing the inner moisture barrier turns the VIKING SHIELD’s outer shell into a fully NFPA-compliant wildland fire suit.

In line with VIKING’s commitment to continuous innovation in PPE, the development period has been used as an opportunity to upgrade other VIKING YouSafe™ Crew Pro lifejacket features. Buoyancy chambers have been enhanced, while the profile of the back of the jacket has been lowered to increase helmet and headset clearance. The jacket has also been reprofiled to enhance line of sight during landings for pilots, with the rear bladder streamlined and the activation handle moved inside the jacket for easier access.

Available with immediate effect and included in the rental concept VIKING offers, the VIKING YouSafe™ Crew Pro could replace existing lifejackets as agreements came up for renewal, said McManus. Only certified staff and approved facilities would service the new lifejacket with EBS.

The VIKING SHIELD is based heavily on user input at the design stage “It just fits better and feels better…that’s the feedback we’re getting” said Grinstead. “We’ve paid attention to the details: on the hook and loop, water resistant zippers, and lay-flat pockets. Plus we sized the VIKING SHIELD just like our structural gear, making it easy for the department to transition into it” he continued.


VIKING’s state of the art turnout gear is developed in close co-operation with demanding international customers.

Founded in 1960, VIKING is a privately held market leader in maritime and fire safety with group headquarters in Denmark. The company provides essential safety and firefighting equipment for structural firefighting, passenger and cargo ships, offshore installations, offshore wind turbines, navies, helicopter services, fishing vessels and leisure yachts around the world.

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