VIKING maritime legislation expert takes leading role at ILAMA

Global Rules & Regulation Manager, Søren Baumann Rasmussen, elected Vice Chair to the association representing life-saving equipment maker views on the maritime stage worldwide. 

Søren Baumann Rasmussen, Global Rules & Regulation Manager, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, has been appointed Director and Vice Chair of the International Life-Saving Appliance Manufacturers' Association (ILAMA). The prestigious role was bestowed by acclamation at a general meeting in early June.

ILAMA plays a significant role in international maritime and offshore safety, sharing experience, concerns and technical expertise with regulators on the design, manufacture, inspection, repair, service and testing of life-saving equipment. It has NGO status at the International Maritime Organization, is an Observer at the EU Commissions experts groups within the Marine Directorate (DG MOVE), and holds International Organization for Standardisation ‘Category A’ liaison.

VIKING legislation expert takes leading role at ILAMA

Extensive seagoing experience

A Master Mariner and marine engineer with extensive seagoing experience, Baumann Rasmussen spent almost a decade with the Danish Maritime Authority before joining VIKING. DMA posts included Port State Control Officer, Senior Ship Surveyor and Special Advisor on Regulatory & Legal Affairs including a role as Denmark’s head of IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment delegation. As of latest, he attended June’s Maritime Safety Committee, 107th session.

“The coming years will see significant regulatory work on LSA equipment, and it is critical rule-makers base their decisions on the best available information,” said Baumann Rasmussen.

“ILAMA provides clarity on critical ship safety issues from the perspective of the leading developers of life-saving equipment. As well offering technical guidance, we work with regulators to develop robust rules and standards on which those working in shipping can rely.”

Developments working through IMO include new requirements for self-righting life rafts and ventilation on partly enclosed lifeboats and liferafts. Baumann Rasmussen also highlighted the rule-making revisit to MSC Resolution 402(96) - the compulsory requirements for maintenance, testing and repair of lifeboats, rescue boats, launching appliances and release gear which entered into force as recently as 2020. Designed to ensure equipment service is carried out to OEM standards, the rule has been implemented unevenly and needs reframing, said Baumann Rasmussen.  

“I’m very much looking forward to the work ahead, and to making VIKING’s contribution in support of ILAMA’s invaluable efforts in monitoring, developing and upholding standards for best practice on safety in the maritime and offshore industries.” Baumann Rasmussen’s appointment as Vice Chair coincided with the election as Chair of Bob Gray, VP Regulatory Compliance, Survival Systems International. Lasting for two years, by custom the appointment as ILAMA Vice Chair prepares the incumbent to succeed as ILAMA Chair for a further two years.