VIKING Shield offers three-in-one protection for first responders

Esbjerg, Denmark, July 2021

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment launches fully certified, three-in-one protective gear so first responders can be ready for wildland fires, technical rescue/extrication or emergency medical operations.

The VIKING Shield is a new generation of multi-purpose protective gear that allows crews answering emergency calls to get underway assured of having the gear that is fit-to-purpose, whatever lies ahead.

The challenges are growing with more frequent and larger wildland fires and frequent exposure to bloodborne pathogens during emergency rescues. VIKING Shield is the only gear certified by UL as compliant with NFPA 1977, 1951 and 1999 standards, offering bloodborne pathogen protection for technical rescue/extrication and emergency medical operations.

“Three-in-one protection is part of the design for the VIKING Shield,” said Grant Grinstead, Fire Segment Sales Manager, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment. “The Gore® SR moisture barrier liner protects against water ingress, bloodborne pathogens and chemicals for crews responding to vehicle extrications and emergency medical operations. For wildland fires, push buttons snap the liner out, making the VIKING Shield an NFPA 1977-compliant wildland garment.”

The Gore® SR moisture barrier is a lightweight film laminated to a substrate, which is both durable and tear resistant while remaining comfortable against the skin. The VIKING Shield’s outer shell is made from Safety Components Sigma™ with a comfort twill weave and a unique blend of fibers to provide the resistance to flame spread and fire required for NFPA compliance.

As well as being multi-functional, VIKING Shield gear is tailored to fit responders rather than being limited to standard sizes. “If it fits better and feels better, you can wear it longer,” commented Grinstead. “We develop gear with firefighters, conducting wear trials to evaluate real situations.”

“Hardworking firefighters deserve higher quality gear that’s better to wear than what’s on the market,” said Camilla Callesen, VIKING design engineer. “VIKING Shield gear is as lightweight and form-fit as we can make it, with no compromise on safety. All good gear starts with extensive research,” she says.

The collaborative approach set VIKING apart, he said, when it came to details such as waterproof press buttons and zippers, and lay-flat pockets on pants and coats. VIKING has also added a shoulder pad design to make coats more comfortable for responders wearing heavy equipment or backpacks. Departments have a choice of traditional tan, black and dark navy blue, with dual color garments available for visibility.

“Firefighters out on the interstate may be called on when they don’t have full turnout gear on, or to rescues where heavily insulated turnout gear isn’t necessary,” said Grinstead. “Either way, VIKING Shield offers the triple-certified garment to cover the gap.”


VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S is a global leader in maritime, offshore and fire safety solutions.

We manufacture, market and service safety and fire-fighting equipment for passenger and cargo ships, offshore installations, offshore wind turbines, fishing vessels, navies, helicopter services, fire departments and leisure yachts around the world.

VIKING is a privately held corporation, founded in 1960. In recent years, VIKING acquired the Norwegian company Norsafe, whose lifeboats have been used around the world since 1904, and Drew Marine’s FSR division, one of the world’s three largest providers of Marine Fire Service.

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