New range of professional-grade fire suits for seafarers

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has developed a new fire suit, the VIKING YouSafe™ Torch, to provide seafarers tasked with fighting fires with the same high level of protection as land-based structural firefighters.

The new fire suit is a response to the rising number of shipboard electrical fires and offers shipowners the option to specify suits that include both professional-grade outer shells and moisture barrier protection against water penetration and steam burns. 

VIKING YouSafe™ Torch

The VIKING YouSafe™ Torch is a marinized version of a fire suit that VIKING offers to structural firefighters on land. The SOLAS-approved suit includes moisture barrier protection while benefiting from a professional-grade outer shell with a level of breathability that ensures comfort during extended wear.

Appropriate for use on commercial vessels ships, passenger ships and offshore applications, the VIKING YouSafe™ Torch meets the requirements of the new EN469:2020 standard.

Our industry-unique experience

In developing the new suit, we draw on our industry-unique experience as a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional-grade structural firefighting equipment to ensure that seafarers can have the same level of fire suit protection as their land-based counterparts.

Landbased fire fighters

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VIKING Yousafe Torch fire SOLAS suit on model

Future-proof fire safety compliance

In 2023 the first European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) fire safety guidelines covering electric cars on board ro-ro vessels acknowledged the safety benefits of fire suit moisture barriers as protection against water penetration, radiant heat and steam burns. The feature is given ‘Y2’ notation within the new EN 469:2020 ‘level 2’ standards for fire suits. 

While non-mandatory, many see EMSA’s recommendation as progressive, given water is often needed in high volumes to fight electrical fires. The International Maritime Organization is considering whether moisture barriers should be mandatory where risks warrant them.

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