Extinguishing fires in Electric Vehicles (EV/EVS)

The use of electric cars is rapidly increasing. But with the transition to electric transportation comes a new challenge: Vehicles with lithium-ion batteries can be especially dangerous when they catch fire.

The request for solutions to handle these challenges in the maritime markets has also increased during the last few months. Hence, we at VIKING have teamed up with two global players to help our customers with the challenges, that might occur.

Rosenbauer BEST system electrical car fire protection

Rosenbauer Battery Extinguisher System (BEST)

The new Rosenbauer BEST system safely and quickly extinguishes fires in high-voltage batteries based on lithium-ion technology which is typically used in electric vehicles. 


  • Safer for crew
  • Fast and effective
  • Resource-efficient
  • Tested on all European and American battery types

Tested in practice and under realistic conditions

European emergency response services have tested the system for months and provided valuable feedback on its practical applications.

Research and development of the system included trials involving a large range of battery systems and complete vehicles. The system has been tested with all known battery types used by European and American manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, and vans. The tested batteries had capacities of up to 120 kWh.

Bridgehill fire blanket

The Bridgehill car fire blanket can be used to cover a burning vehicle. The blanket will immediately isolate flames and fumes and the fire will soon extinguish due to lack of oxygen. If the fire has reached the battery of an electric vehicle, the fire blanket will contain the fire until other steps are taken.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Universal as it works on all types of vehicles
Bridgehill fire blanket

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