HydroPen™ System

Item number 1074342

The Hydropen™ System is an innovative firefighting equipment that can perform fully automatic and direct firefighting in stacked containers – only by means of water pressure in the fire main.

  • Simple to operate and requires little training
  • Automates all necessary steps
  • 100% fire main powered - no electricity required
Full description

Full description

The Hypropen™ Sytem - taking container firefighting to new heights

Finally, there’s a faster, safer and more efficient way to directly fight costly container fires at heights on container vessels.

Powered only by water pressure from the fire main, the HydroPen™ drills through a standard steel container door, then automatically changes mode to extinguish the fire inside.

This unique system consists of a telescopic pole and a drilling/spraying unit to efficiently target the burning container, protecting your operations and increasing the safety of your crew, cargo and vessel.

The groundbreaking feature of the HydroPen™ System is its capability to reach containers at heights and to­fully automatically extinguish the fire inside the burning container with direct firefighting as soon as it has been mounted on the container door.



  • Fully automated penetration and fire extinguishing
  • A lift takes the HydroPen to the critical container
  • 100% fire main powered - no electricity required
  • Simple to operate and mount on the critical container
  • Protects the crew, the cargo & the ship
  • Avoidance of significant cost impact in case of container fire

The Hydropen™ System kit consist of the following:

  • HydroPen drilling unit
  • HydroLock - for reachable containers
  • 2 additional special hole saws
  • Spanner for hole saw demount
  • Training hole saw
  • Grease for telescopic pole
  • Manual and operations guide (hard- and soft copy)
  • Wooden box (for storage of the above)
  • Telescopic pole

Technical data:

  • Inlet C Storz (or other standard on request)
  • Nom water pressure/flow 360 ltr./min @ 4 bar
  • Min working pressure 2,5 bar
  • Max working pressure 16 bar
  • K-factor 180
  • Drill size 40 mm
  • Weight:
        Drilling unit:    5,5 kg.
        Telescopic lift: 8,5 kg.