HydroPen - Revolutionizing Container Firefighting

Introducing HydroPen, an innovative, award-winning firefighting system, based on cutting-edge technology. It offers a fast and efficient approach to tackling container fires on board vessels, safeguarding the well-being of your crew members.

Designed to meet the current fire challenges faced by container vessels, this simple and easy-to-use fire suppression solution revolutionizes current manual methods by extinguishing fires at elevated heights and in hard-to-reach locations.

The HydroPen is a pioneering, fully automatic water-based drilling system. Its unique design, driven by the rotation of the turbine, allows it to penetrate burning container doors while simultaneously creating a powerful water shield, preventing fire spread to surrounding areas within seconds.

How it works?

When every second counts, the HydroPen steps up to the challenge. Here we highlight some of its main features: 

  • A fully automatic drilling system harnesses the raw power of water pressure from the fire main system
  • Adaptive telescopic lift, effective at elevated positions
  • Water pressure flows into a hydrodynamic turbine, automating the drilling process
  • Directs a powerful stream of water directly into burning containers

Why Choose HydroPen?

HydroPen is a comprehensive solution addressing the industry’s pressing challenges. Here we explore some of its main benefits:

  • Empowering height reach with telescopic poles
  • A single crew member can mount in a matter of seconds
  • Automatic firefighting is initiated at a safe distance
  • Protects the crew, cargo and ship
  • Simple to operate, requiring minimal training

Proven Concept

Last year alone, HydroPen was deployed successfully in five reported cases, tackling diverse fire types including charcoal fires, Lithium-Ion batteries and used cars (both electric and conventional). In some instances, the fire occurred within reach, while in others, the telescopic lift was used to access stacked containers that were out of reach.

Users have provided very positive feedback, emphasizing how easy it is to use the HydroPen after minimal onboard training. Interestingly, we've observed that HydroPen users tend to increase the number of HydroPen systems onboard, sometimes deploying up to four systems per vessel.

“HydroPen has provided a breakthrough in fire safety for large containerships; its user-friendliness in testing convinced us that it is a powerful safety tool for our fleet of container ships of varying sizes. As the HydroPen™ system is able to meet our stringent safety standards, we are delighted to introduce HydroPen fleetwide.”

Pacific International Line



VIKING is dedicated to delivering effective and innovative solutions that address the concern of costly and time-consuming training requirements. Our HydroPen training programs offer flexible on-board training, a training piece and additional online training programs. 

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