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How to choose the right PPE for your firefighting needs

Choosing the right PPE for firefighting is crucial for your safety. With VIKING, you can go in strong with unbeatable knowledge and expertise. Our purpose-built fire suits strike the right balance of safety and mobility, enabling firefighters to protect and save lives and assets.

Choose from a range quality of models and accessories designed and tested to the latest regulations and requirements.

VIKING SOLAS Firefighting Fire suit

Looking for the perfect firefighting outfit?

Look no further than VIKING YouSafe™ Fire Ship Package+ and Fire Ship Package. Our SOLAS/MED approved packages offer essential equipment and extra protection against radiant heat with the VIKING YouSafe™ Inferno (PS6598) or Fire (PS6573) suits.

Our quality equipment meets all requirements for firefighting, whether onboard or onshore - from the material and components in the fire suits to the essential accessories. Trust VIKING to provide the perfect balance of performance, protection, and durability.

Find the right accessories

Our accessories are designed and tested according to the latest regulations and requirements. You can choose from a wide range to get the right level of protection.

Accessories VIKING SOLAS Fire

Electric vehicles and AFV’s - firefighter protection

We understand the unique safety requirements for electrical vehicles and AFV's, and can provide you with equipment and expertise needed to ensure the appropriate fire protection. Our SOLAS Fire Suits are EN469:2020 certified, meeting the latest standards for thermal performance, water penetration resistance, and breathability/water vapor resistance.

The EMSA recommends fire suits with level 2 water penetration resistance for firefighting in connection with electrical vehicles and AFV's. These suits contain moisture barriers that provide protection against water penetration- The VIKING YouSafe™ Spark (PS8410/PS8460) SOLAS fire suit is ideal for this purpose.

VIKING YouSafe™ Inferno (PS6598)

SOLAS Fire suits recommendations and requirements

Upgrade your fire suits to meet the new EN469:2020 standard. VIKING offers a range of SOLAS-approved fire suits that comply with the latest regulations for thermal performance, water penetration resistance, and breathability. Some models even come with a moisture barrier for added protection. While the EMSA recommends level 2 water penetration resistance for AFV's, it's not mandatory. Nevertheless, VIKING's EN469:2020-approved suits, with or without a moisture barrier, are ideal for marine and offshore use.

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Our SOLAS Fire products

Marine fire safety solutions 

Looking for reliable marine fire safety solutions? Look no further than VIKING! Our team of experts offers a comprehensive range of fire safety products, services, and solutions to ensure your onboard firefighting and protection setup is always fully compliant and ready to save lives. With our global warranties, certified service teams, and cutting-edge equipment, you can trust us to provide quick and efficient service wherever you are in the world. Contact us today to learn more about our marine fire safety services.

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Go in strong with VIKING

VIKING is widely known as the global supplier of protective suits, lifejackets and accessories for marine and offshore personnel. We are also the leader in firefighter protection for professional fire departments all over the world. This combined expertise is evident in our range of purpose-built fire suits for marine and offshore needs.

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