VIKING VENOC Evacuation System

Prod. No.: VENOC

VIKING VENOC is the most flexible evacuation chute system available for vessels today. It can be used at evacuation heights between 5-40 meters and is certified for damage conditions of 18 degrees trim and 20 degrees list.

  • Improved safety with a smaller deck footprint

System features:

  • Small deck footprint
  • Swift and easy deployment
  • Perfect for FPSO’s, drillships, special purpose offshore vessels, wind turbine ships, and installations
  • Flexible evacuation heights from 5 to 40 meters
  • No bowsing lines or welded connection points on ship’s side
  • Neutral at 18° trim and 22° list conditions.
  • Excess chute rings are simply stacked in the buoyancy device
  • Operating temperatures from -20°C to +65°C
  • Flush with ship side when stowed and cantilevered when deployed
  • Integrated 50 or 100 person self-righting liferafts
  • Optional steering line to guide direction of main liferaft
  • Evacuation capacity: 125 persons within 10 minutes
  • Additional drop liferaft (optional) increases total capacity
  • Chute test according to SOLAS/LSA and with
  • EU wheel marking certificate, USCG-EU MRA
  • Classification: Lloyd’s Register

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VIKING VENOC is specially designed for ship-shaped offshore installations, the VENOC evacuation system is installed on the open deck or between decks. With a minimal deck footprint and a less stressful evacuation process, the VENOC offers a safe and cost-efficient alternative to conventional on board survival craft solutions.


Upon the pull a few levers, a hydraulic arrangement tilts the evacuation system into position for deployment. The main self-righting liferaft is connected to the buoyancy device and inflates.

Automatically at sea level – making it simple to board. No bowsing lines or welded connection points on the vessel’s side are necessary.