Marine evacuation system – VIKING, VES-ED, single track slide

Item number VES-ED

The VES-ED system is Non-SOLAS. The system can be stored almost anywhere on board and remotely released as needed.

  • Ability to evacuate 300 persons within 30 minutes
  • Embarkation heights between 3,5 and 7,2 meters
  • Available with either reduced, A or B SOLAS emergency pack
  • Easy to remove for service
  • Direct access to the evacuation system from the evacuation area
  • Flexible installation as the system can be installed at extreme for and aft positions
Full description

Full description

The VIKING Evacuation Slide VES-ED system consists of an slide with a length from 7 meter to 12 meter, a 50 persons platform, a entry door which is flush to the shipside and a Bowsing winch.

The landing platform saves valuable time in an emergency as evacuation can begin before the liferafts are completely inflated. Several evacuees can descend the slide at the same time and access the system liferafts from the landing station. The platform can also be disengaged from the slide and act as a supplementary rescue unit.

Activated by one handle
The system is activated by one handle. The handle releases pressured
nitrogen (N2) that opens the system box. The slide is pulled out and
immediately starts to inflate with nitrogen (including 50 % over capacity) and air
aspirators. The slide system does not require an external power supply.


SOLAS, IMO, USCG, MCA, EC and other flag authorities on demand