Marine evacuation system – VIKING, VELS-SMS, MiniSlide

Item number VELS-SMS

The VELS+SMS MiniSlide system is certified by DNV in accordance with SOLAS/MED requirements and relevant flag state approvals. During inflation, the bowsing system starts and the bowsing proceeds until the bowsing lines are pulled out of the splittubes.

  • Ability to evacuate 501 persons in 30 minutes and 303 persons in 17 minutes
  • Brake cushion at the bottom of the slide provides a soft spot
  • Easy, reliable deployment - only requires one crew member
  • Liferafts are available with or without a canopy to suit operation in open sea or protected waters
  • Embarkation heights between 1.5 and 4.2 meters
Full description

Full description

The VIKING VELS+SMS MiniSlide system with an independent slide and liferaft is designed for vessels with low embarkation heights. The system requires only one crew member to operate and oversee evacuation.

The VIKING Evacuation Liferaft System, VELS+SMS MiniSlide, consists of a 153 persons self-righting or open reversible liferaft used in combination with a SOLAS slide with a length form 3.3 to 6.5 meters and a bowsing winch.

Brake cushion system gives evacuees a clear stopping point at the bottom of the slide and a soft spot.

Easy, reliable deployment
The system is activated by pulling the slip-hook or by means of the remote release
system. The liferaft container falls into the water and the inflation starts immediately. During inflation the bowsing of the system starts and the bowsing of the system proceeds until the bowsing lines are pulled out of the splittubes. Prepare the slide at the embarkation door and inflate the slide into the liferaft. 

SOLAS 74, Reg. III/4 & III/34, as amended by IMO Res. MSC 48(66)
and IMO Res. MSC 81(70)
EC type approval acc. to EC Directive 96/98/EC

SOLAS, IMO, USCG, MCA, EC and other national authorities.