Marine evacuation system - VIKING, VEDS, Dual Slide

Item number VEDS

The VEDS Helix system is certified by DNV in accordance with SOLAS/MED requirements and relevant flag state approvals. The new innovative EscapeWay Helix slide system is activated by a mechanical handle.

  • Safe and easy evacuation under all conditions
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • No bowsing system or shipside installation
Full description

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Full description

The VIKING Evacuation Dual Slide system, VEDS Helix, consists of steel frame, a chute-box, a sledge for liferaft containers and a deployment winch. The liferaft containers are mounted on the sledge by means of lashing straps.

Additional liferafts can be positioned near to the VEDS Helix system and released by means of a remote release system, either pneumatical or electrical system.

A connection line ensures connection between additional liferafts and the inflated VEDS system

The system is activated by a mechanical handle
The load of the sledge with the liferafts will move forward on sliding rails together with the chute box. The sledge will be lowered towards the waterline controlled by a lowering winch.

When the sledge is waterborne the sledge sinks away and pulls the inflation lines for the liferafts. The mother liferafts is attached to the lowering wires which are holding the sledge/load in position. The Helix slide is automatically connected inside the inflated mother liferaft and ready for use once the liferafts are fully inflated.

SOLAS 74, Reg. III/4 & III/34, as amended by IMO Res. MSC 48(66)
and IMO Res. MSC 81(70)
EC type approval acc. to EC Directive 96/98/EC
USCG acceptance/approval by MRA.

SOLAS, IMO, USCG, MCA, EC and other flag authorities.