Marine evacuation system – VIKING, VAS, automatic slide

Item number VAS

The VAS system is certified by DNV in accordance with SOLAS/MED requirements and relevant flag state approvals. Inflation of the system starts automatically with the push of a button on the stowage box or from the bridge.

  • Ability to evacuate 153 persons within 17 minutes and 40 seconds
  • Embarkation heights between 1,5 and 3,65 meters
  • Minimal crew needed for release and operation (only one crew member needed)
  • Push at one button and passenger evacuation can begin
  • Various slide lengths available
Full description

Full description

The VIKING Automatic Slide VAS system is designed for evacuation heights of 1.5 – 3.65 meters and requires no external power supply for deployment. It is delivered in a box that can be placed flush with the ship side, bolted to the deck and ready to go. No bowsing lines or welded connection points necessary.

The system consist of a 153-person, open reversible liferaft and mini slide system packed into a single aluminum stowage box with a one-button, one-person release and operation - for vessels operating in domestic and protected waters.

Only one crew member needed for  release  and operation
The operation of the system is done from the bridge or the control panel on the system on deck. Liferaft and slide will inflate automatically and the system is ready for evacuation. Automatic bowsing keeps the slide and liferaft close to the ship for easier disembarkation.

EU 2015/559, Annex A. 1, item no. A.1/1.27 and Annex B, Module B in the Directive;
SOLAS 74 as amended, Reg. 111/4, III/15, III/26, III/36 & X/3, LSA Code and 2000 HSC
Code 8

SOLAS, IMO, USCG, MCA, EC and other national authorities