Marine evacuation system – VIKING, LifeCraft™

Item number VLCS

The VIKING LifeCraftTM System is a true game-changer when it comes to passenger and cruise ship evacuation - making it possible to replace current evacuation options with a superior, hybrid solution. The system consists of four self-propelled inflatables.

  • Evacuates 812 people in a single deployment
  • Designated seating arrangement­
  • High degree of maneuverability
  • Self-contained chute based stowage and launching appliance
  • Simple to service and maintain
Full description

Full description

Rapid, safe deployment with flexible redundancy

Deployed with a minimum of handling. The unique bowsing system has a built-in hydraulic wave compensation and a winch back-up system to keep the units in position at shipside. The system is also designed to handle variations in trim ­and list conditions.

A revolutionary hybrid that combines the advantages of lifeboats and liferafts in a single solution

The survival craft part of the system comprises up to four self-propelled, inflatable survival craft  with a capacity of 203 persons each. Minimum system maintenance is required at the  integrated storage appliance is designed for easy servicing. The VIKING LifeCraftTM System takes up significantly less deck space than traditional evacuation setups, freeing up space for other purposes.