Servicing your VIKING RescYou liferaft 

We highly recommend servicing your liferaft every three years. This practice not only extends the life expectancy of your liferaft but, more importantly, ensures that it functions perfectly in critical situations where your survival may depend on it. 

What happens during service?

When servicing a VIKING liferaft, a meticulous process is followed to ensure the highest standards of safety and reliability. The service begins with the opening of the container and disconnecting the inflation system, followed by the removal of the liferaft. The container shell is then cleaned, and any necessary fibreglass repairs are made. 

Liferaft servicing

Inflation and pressure testing procedures

The liferaft is inflated with compressed air and undergoes a thorough pressure test, including a 60-minute working pressure test of all chambers (lower buoyancy chamber, upper buoyancy chamber and arch chamber). If the liferaft has an inflatable floor, it is also pressure tested. The CO2 cylinder is checked for the correct content level and weighed.

Inspection and Maintenance Overview

An interior and exterior inspection is conducted, and the emergency pack is reviewed, with items replaced if expired according to regulations. All liferaft equipment is inspected and replaced if needed. After deflation, the inflation systems and high-pressure hoses are inspected, tested, and re-connected.

Finalizing and Certifying the Servicing Process

The logbook within the liferaft is completed to provide a certified maintenance record. The liferaft is then repacked, sealed, and placed back into the container or valise, which is relabeled. A servicing certificate is issued, and full documentation is archived according to regulations.

The liferaft is prepared for dispatch, and a detailed invoice is issued. It is recommended that VIKING RescYou range liferafts undergo this comprehensive service at a 3-year interval to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Find your nearest service station 

Wherever your journey takes you, VIKING is there to keep you safe. With 280+ service stations across the globe, our qualified technicians are dedicated to ensuring your lifesaving equipment is always fully serviced and ready to save lives. 

VIKING service map

Frequently asked questions about servicing liferaft

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