Valise or container storage

Once you've chosen your VIKING RescYou liferaft, the next important decision is whether to go with a valise or a container. Your choice should be based on the characteristics of your vessel. Explore both possibilities to find the option that fits your needs. 

RescYou valise

The RescYou valise serves as a practical choice when there isn't enough space to mount a container. It is a portable solution, allowing you to take the liferaft ashore to prevent theft or if you need it onboard a different vessel.

The valise is water-resistant and the cover has a modern black and silver design. A liferaft in a valise should be stored in designated lockers, lazarettes or under deck and must be kept dry and accessible. It is not recommended for lashing on open deck.

RescYou™ Valise
RescYou™ Container

RescYou container

If there is sufficient space on the deck or railing of your vessel, we highly recommend choosing a container for your VIKING liferaft. In an emergency, accessing and deploying the liferaft becomes easier and safer.

The high-gloss rigid fibreglass container offers maximum protection against the elements and ensures the liferaft is stored exactly where you might need it. Mount the container on the deck, railing, pushpit or bulkhead.


If you have opted for a RescYou container, you will need the correct installation equipment, such as the mounting brackets for VIKING liferafts. Our mounting brackets are made of high-quality stainless steel and allow you to install your liferaft either horizontally or vertically—wherever deck or railing space allows. Additionally, we recommend exploring our hydrostatic release unit (HRU) for extra safety.

Additional safety equipment - Yachting

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