Choose the right liferaft

To select the appropriate liferaft for your sailing requirements, consider various important factors such as the capacity needed for all individuals on board, the regulations of your flag state, and the specific areas you plan to navigate.

Which VIKING liferaft is right for you?

Liferaft Features

Liferaft features in detail

Discover the unparalleled features of a VIKING RescYou™ liferaft. Our design incorporates a comprehensive range of features to address all safety precautions.

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Storage and Installation

Storage and installation

After selecting your VIKING RescYou™ liferaft, the next crucial decision is whether to opt for a valise or a container.

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Emergency pack

What's inside a liferaft emergency pack?

When you choose a VIKING liferaft, you’re selecting more than just a life-saving device. Our commitment to safety means that each liferaft comes packed with essential emergency equipment and life-saving appliances.

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