World leaders in offshore lifeboat solutions

VIKING and Norsafe joined forces in 2018 to form a true world leader in offshore safety, capable of supplying the full range of safety solutions for all types of fixed and mobile oil and gas installations.

Under the VIKING Norsafe brand, we bring the offshore industry a unique end-to-end value proposition, when it comes to conventional and free fall lifeboats, rescue boats and davits that are both fully compliant with LSA and MODU codes and manufactured in-house.

What is more, all our solutions are backed by the worlds strongest multi-brand capable service network and a specialized in-house training division.

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Better by design - and always compliant

Our unique design philosophy and global in-house manufacturing approach assures equipment users exceptional quality and safe operation, in full compliance with all relevant regulations and industry standards.

A key focus area is compliance and our products meet standards that are recognized by regulators all over the world. Meeting, exceeding or even defining performance standards - VIKING Norsafe solutions have been used in emergency evacuations. Many hold world records for performance - making them the preferred choice of more shipyards and operators than any other brand.

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All electric lifeboats

Already supplied to several industry majors, our range of fully electric lifeboat solutions are gaining popularity across the offshore oil and gas industry.

While battery power and a clean environmental conscience go hand in hand, it is not least the performance, availability and lower maintenance costs of VIKING Norsafe E-GES freefall and E-JYN conventional lifeboats that are making a new and powerful safety case for all-electric propulsion.

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Fully tested and proven to perform

Safety is part of the very DNA of the offshore industry and todays advanced assets must be equipped with highly reliable, durable and well-designed boat and davit solutions – ensuring optimal safety while saving time and money over the lifetime of the asset.

Available for all types of assets, our in-house manufactured VIKING Norsafe boats and davits meet and exceed international maritime standards for commercial shipping and define performance and safety expectations for crew.

VIKING Norsafe products are proven in use and have been used in several emergency evacuations - many hold world records for performance.

Winterization technologies for lifeboats and rescue boats

Winterization technologies for lifeboats and rescue boats

Based on knowledge from SAREX survival tests in Polar conditions, we have developed concepts for winterized equipment, from equipment standards and maintenance to operation procedures.

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In-house manufactured according to strict requirements

VIKING Norsafe boats and davits are designed and manufactured exclusively at our own facilities to guarantee product quality. We lead the industry in the development of equipment which is assured to perform on a particular installation, at a specific location, in heavy weather conditions with compliance processes and methods that provide safety critical verification.

Our boats and davits are designed and manufactured according to stringent standards and compliant to all regional offshore requirements.

Lifeboat service

Lifeboat service

We control the entire lifeboat service value chain, from booking and inspection to execution spares, documentation and training. This way, our services for lifeboats, rescue boats and davits of any make and type, make compliance simpler and more streamlined.

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Multi-brand service with OEM competence 

VIKING’s unequalled service network also provides authorized, OEM-grade support for other brands, drawing on a century of expertise, high quality craftsmanship and meticulous testing for all sea conditions.

Trained by the ISO-approved VIKING Safety Academy, our global network of 130 authorized service technicians have the competences and skills to offer the support you need.

Offshore Safety Agreement

With a VIKING Offshore Safety Agreement, you can trust the experts to manage, streamline and simplify all aspects of onboard safety and compliance.

Add lifeboats to your Shipowner Agreement and experience how fixed service prices in 100+ ports, OEM-grade multi-brand service efficiency and a host of other benefits make a difference to your operations.

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Get training included

Powered by VIKING Safety Academy offers a wide range of lifeboat training for your crew.

Our complete training solution comprises of online and offline e-learning, blended learning and practical training, focusing on valuable learning experiences.


Access our lifeboat service network

With 23 state-of-the art lifeboat service stations covering all global offshore hubs worldwide, we have got you covered, no matter where you sail.

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Bring the safety experts when building new offshore assets

When designing and building new vessels and offshore assets, there are plenty of decisions to make and regulations to be aware of and short-term savings can quickly evaporate as operational realities take over. The best lifeboat and davit solutions are part of the plan right from the start – and they simplify every aspect of managing your setup.

Our experience in lifeboat solutions is second to none and we take pride in solving the challenges our customers face.

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Bring our experts on board from the outset and optimize the total cost of ownership of your lifeboat solution.

Submit this form to request advanced documentation - including 3D drawings, boats and davits specifications, data and more for your new vessel design or to get free safety advice for your specific project.

Upon receipt, one of our safety experts will be in touch shortly.

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