Conventional lifeboats and davits for offshore assets

VIKING Norsafe totally enclosed and partially enclosed lifeboats keeps the crew working your offshore assets safe and protected. Our enclosed lifeboats are used to enhance safety in oil and gas operations and windfarms all over the world, and they are designed and manufactured exclusively at VIKING's production facilities to guarantee product quality.

VIKING Norsafe lifeboats offer outstanding safety and performance in demanding conditions. Even if damaged or fully flooded, the lifeboats are self-righting and virtually unsinkable.

Safely launch and retrieve your totally enclosed lifeboats with VIKING Norsafe conventional davits.

Our lifeboat davits are available in a wide range of safe working loads, lowering heights and weights. VIKING Norsafe davits are produced in house and manufactured in accordance with SOLAS and national authority requirements ensuring high quality products and safe operation for your crew.

Key features of VIKING Norsafe enclosed lifeboats

  • Positive stability up to 180 degrees

  • Smaller boats (under 8.5 m) are suitable as both lifeboat and rescue boat

  • The largest boats have a maximum capacity of 150 persons in SOLAS configuration (430 mm, 82.5 kg per person) with alternative seating arrangements to accomodate "big persons" in lifeboats

  • Constructed in fire-retardant, glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP)

  • Enclosed lifeboats can be delivered either with the VIKING Nadiro Drop-in-Ball system or the VIKING Norsafe Tor MK-2 offload release hook

  • Models available for compliance with NORSOK R-002 and NOROG requirements

  • Possibility for site and host-specific analysis of lifeboat occupant safety through DavitSim analysis

  • Enclosed lifeboats can be launched via a cantilevered platform davit, single pivot gravity davit, or hydraulically pivoting davit

Key features of VIKING Norsafe lifeboat davits

  • Approved according to SOLAS LSA and MODU Code regulations

  • Designed for safe maintenance and operation

  • Special solutions available for extremely high or low temperatures

  • Alternatives for ATEX or IEC EX specifications for operation in hazardous zones

  • Project specific solutions for retrofit

  • Designed and manufactured at VIKING Norsafe facilities

Totally enclosed lifeboats (TELB)

Explore our range of davits

VIKING Norsafe equipment is subject to continuous improvement and there may be changes to technical data and specifications.

Building a new vessel or platform?

When making boat and davit choices for newbuildings, there are plenty of design and maintenance strategy decisions to make – as well as regulations to be aware of. And short-term savings in the first phase can quickly evaporate as operational realities take over.

VIKING offers unbeatable safety and convenience with a well-deserved reputation for solving the challenges our customers face. Choose the world’s best boats and davits – we’ll take care of the rest.

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