The world's best boats and davits produced in-house

A fundamental aspect of VIKING philosophy is that best outcome is achieved by investing in our life-saving equipment. Our VIKING Norsafe products have been designed and built since 1903 and our talented staff have always strived to be at the forefront of innovation, continually pushing the boundaries of product development to provide the most technically advanced life-saving appliances for use at sea.

Better by design

All VIKING Norsafe equipment is manufactured in-house at our production locations in Asia and Europe. This allows us the possibility to manufacture the widest spectrum of boats and davits to global standards at any of our production facilities.

Our in-house production and "Better by Design" philosophy ensures safe operation with efficient maintenance and lower lifetime cost of ownership. Take a look at some of the other benefits of choosing us as your boat and davit supplier.

Customer benefits of in-house production

  • Assurance of manufacturing quality control and testing by dedicated specialists - all carefully managed by strict ISO 9000 and MED Module D procedures maintained by DNVGL
  • Complete FAT process for free-fall boats and davits only available from VIKING; the world’s largest supplier of LSA equipment
  • Flexibility in lead times and delivery alternatives including full assembly of structures up to 200 tons
  • Detailed project management to include customers' wishes throughout the delivery process
  • Close to market approach, reducing shipment time and cost

Only provider of full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

All VIKING Norsafe equipment is thoroughly tested, and we're the only manufacturer in the world who has the test facilities to provide a full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) - 2.2 x SWL. Other manufacturers will transfer this test responsibility to the yard.

Tests include:

  • 2.2 x SWL skidway tested with dummy boat where the force is achieved on the skidway using hydraulic cylinder
  • 2.2 x SWL applied to the connections at hook bracket and hang off bracket
  • 2.2 x SWL for the A-frame and wich foundation with a Frame in outer position (Seconday Means of Launching)
  • All critical welds are subject to NDT after load test

Boat and davit production facilities

Boats adnd davits production facilities in Norway
Boats and davits production facilities in China
Boats and davits production facilities in China

Building a new vessel or platform?

When making boat and davit choices for newbuildings, there are plenty of design and maintenance strategy decisions to make – as well as regulations to be aware of. And short-term savings in the first phase can quickly evaporate as operational realities take over.

VIKING offers unbeatable safety and convenience with a well-deserved reputation for solving the challenges our customers face. Choose the world’s best boats and davits – we’ll take care of the rest.

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