Safety equipment service

Safety experts at your service

VIKING has decades of experience in servicing safety equipment. Powered by 275+ servicing stations covering all global maritime and offshore hubs and manned by experienced in-house trained and certified technicians, our global servicing setup is second to none.

Whether your safety equipment is serviced under a VIKING Shipowner or Offshore Safety Agreement, or required on as an on-call offering, we have a servicing solution to suit your business.

Your safety is safe with us!

Liferaft service

VIKING perform high-quality, customer convenient liferaft servicing all over the world. Our experienced technicians follow strict guidelines and attend certified educational programs to stay ahead of their game in terms of competencies.

Also, dynamic spare parts supply and continually updated online manuals are part of our efforts to ensure efficient servicing for our customers.  ​​​​​​​

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Selected liferaft services:

Yachting liferafts

12-month inspection

30-month inspection​​​​​​​

Polar raft inspection

Service on agreement

Lifeboat service

VIKING offers a unique OEM approach to multi-brand lifeboat, rescue boat, launching and release gear service, maintenance, testing, retrofit, overhaul and repair.

​​We control the entire service value chain including booking, administration, spares, execution, documentation and support. This ensures that our customers can always expect unmatched efficiency, flexibility and quality.​​​​​​​​

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​​​​​​​Selected lifeboat services:

Annual inspection

5-year inspection

Hook replacements

Spare parts

Upgrades and refurbishments

Technical studies

Service on agreement

Marine fire service

VIKING offers a full scope of firefighting equipment services to the marine and offshore industries​. We cover 150+ ports through our own MFS workshops and authorized service providers with the rest covered by global flying service teams​.

When it comes to MFS, our greatest asset is our in-house trained, highly experienced and fully certified technicians. Carrying out service at uniformly high-quality standards all over the world.​​​​​​​

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Selected marine fire services:

Annual inspection

Biannual inspection

5-year inspection

10-year inspection



Medical oxygen

Service on agreement



PPE service

Several VIKING stations specialize in servicing personal protective equipment (PPE) including immersion suits and lifejackets.

Widely used by maritime operators and often the last means of escape and survival in the case of an emergency, these products must always be ready to perform. For​​​​​​ this reason, servicing, testing and repairs are performed with meticulous attention to detail by trained experts - according to internationally acknowledged procedures.

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Selected PPE services

1-3 year inspection

SOLAS and CE/ISO PPE service

Helicopter aviation safety gear servicing

Equipment exchange

Service on agreement



​​​​​​​Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) service

With more than 1300 systems in operation and a maximum system evacuation capacity of 908 persons, VIKING leads the way in marine evacuation systems for the cruise and ferry industry.

All system types are supported by our global service network, ensuring convenient and effective turnaround time along with a uniformly high level of OEM-grade service quality in order to ensure system performance.

Selected MES services

12-month inspection

30-month inspection

Service on agreement