VIKING shipowner agreements

Looking for 100% peace of mind?

We've got the power to simplify safety

A VIKING Shipowner Agreement offers everything you need to say goodbye to fluctuating service costs and unwelcome surprises forever. It’s a uniquely customizable concept that covers almost all products and brands in a variety of predictable, fixed-price structures.

And it ensures you know exactly:

  • What you get
  • How much it will cost
  • How you can change your contract underway

The world’s best global service network

Supported by 10 strategically located warehouses and a state-of-the-art service management system, the 260-station VIKING network works faster, more efficiently and more reliably than anyone else in the business.

We won’t tie you down

The last thing you need is a rigid safety servicing contract that either can’t be changed, or costs too much to adjust. Now just one agreement can gradually be expanded to cover all of your evolving safety equipment and servicing needs. Start with a comprehensive VIKING Shipowner Agreement or simply add vessels and safety products as needed

Why choose VIKING as your service partner?

  • We’re the industry’s Most Trusted Supplier (95% renew their Shipowner Agreement after 5 years)
  • Nothing beats VIKING quality
  • A purpose-built, worldwide service network
  • Unbeatable product & service packages

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